Kanchana 3 Review

Kanchana 3 Review
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Director: Raghava Lawrence
Producer: B Madhu
Release Date: Fri 19th Apr 2019
Actors: Raghava Lawrence
Kanchana 3 Rating: 2.25 / 5
Kanchana 3 Punchline: Double Trouble

Kanchana 3 Review, What’s Behind?

Kanchana 3 is third installment of Kanchana series and fourth in Muni series. There are obviously decent to good expectations on the film as earlier parts stood commercially entertaining hits. Will Lawrence succeed in making Kanchana 3 one more hit in the horror comedy stream?

Kanchana 3 Story Review:

Raghava (Lawrence) once again plays the same timid youngster, follows strange techniques to come out of his freight for paranormal powers. Along with family members, he visits grandfather’s village where enjoys with three maradallu (Oviya, Vedhika and Nikki Tamboli). However, Raghava is now possessed by two ghosts as they are striving to take revenge against a powerful politician. Who these ghosts are? What’s their story? Whom they want to take revenge on?

Kanchana 3 Artists, Technicians Review:

This film too followed the usual template of horror comedy themes. Story is dated and there’s no freshness in screenplay as well. However, the film has more elements for masses like the previous. Lawrence should stop repeating the same loop because excitement goes down when script misses much needed freshness and narration becomes dumb orienting on the same final goal of revenge. Instead, Kanchana 3 is definitely not on par with past films in same series.

Vetri’s camera work is neat and Thaman’s background score provides thrills required for the horror scenes. None of the songs are catchy but Lawrence typically shines with trademark steps in all the numbers. Editing is sloppy. Kanchana 3 is an advanced version of the first two parts in terms of budget, grandeur and the overall production value.

Onto performances, Lawrence amazes as the innocent Raghava. As Kaali, he puts on the mass hero hat along with the mask of Messiah. He also shines with the ease, flexibility to change expressions both as Kaali and foreign girl. Kovai Sarala, Sriman and Devadarshini combo too provides some comic relief, of course so loud. Three heroines- Vedhika, Oviya and Nikki Tamboli have been used only for skin show. Other artists were okay.

Kanchana 3 Review Advantages:


Heroines Glamour

Few Comedy Bits

Kanchana 3 Review Drawbacks:

Dated Story

Zero Freshness


Second Half


Kanchana 3 Review, Rating Analysis:

Kanchana is a successful franchise from Raghava Lawrence. He tried hard to retain all the commercial ingredients which worked at target audience. Despite all the attempts, film fell back on nose for depriving novelty and bland treatment. Time for Raghava to borrow some new components if really wants to continue the same franchise for more.

First half an hour is customary with Raghava’s acts, coming up with eccentric methods to come out of his fear for supernatural powers and troubles his family members- mom, brother and sister-in-law in the course of action. Focus shifts to village and the romantic fragrance of Oviya, Vedhika and Nikki Tamboli is a mass feast. Horror elements from here are déjà vu. Interval episode is designed to reveal a twist where Raghava is possessed not by one but two ghosts.

Latter half too begins on sluggish note with flashback of Kaali. Lawrence mirrored his real-life philanthropist image in this flashback, a bit lengthy and lacked emotional quotient owing to mediocre writing and direction. However, things are rushed up in last portions and these too are loud with acceptable CG work.

All in all, Kanchana 3 is not up to the mark in comparison to previous installments. Except Lawrence’s acting, dances and heroines glamour quotient, the film offers no thrills and frills, one would generally expect from Kanchana series. CJ goes with 2.25 star rating and the film may partly work in B, C centers and definitely not a cup for multiplex audience.


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