Kanam Review

Kanam Review
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Director: AL VIjay
Producer: Lyca, NVR Cinema
Release Date: Fri 27th Apr 2018
Actors: Naga Shaurya
Kanam Rating: 2 / 5
Kanam Punchline: The Dead Cell

Kanam Review, What’s Behind:

Naga Shaurya is in top form like his lady counterpart Sai Pallavi. Both of them together in AL Vijay direction for Kanam, a horror thriller is arriving today in theaters as a dubbed version to Tamil original. With two most happening faces in lead, Telugu audience are thinking this as a direct Telugu flick. Let us see, what’s there in this living cell?

Kanam Story Review: 

Krishna (Naga Shaurya) and Thulasi (Sai Pallavi), the beautiful couple moves into a new dream apartment gifted by Krishna’s father (Nizhalgal Ravi). In no time, a series of deaths within their family leave them disturbed. Who is behind these murders? Thulasi suspects and also finds a key evidence of her aborted embryo Diya (Veronika) grew in age and is on revenge. Police Officer Agni (Priyadarshi) is also here to crack the case. 

Kanam Artists, Technicians Review:

To keep it straight, AL Vijay inspired by a couple of Hollywood horror flicks played dangerously failing to get his core point right. A tiny embryo dropped in early pregnancy stage getting on a revenge killing spree is definitely an injudicious point. More importantly, the open screenplay adopted by Vijay in driving scenes has killed the minute thrill audience generally expect. With a series of murders picturized one after the other and a small baby in frame planning them… it is hard to digest the concept. Despite length of film is short, AL Vijay left no space to impress us. Nirav Shah’s camera work and editing by Anthony are good on standards while Sam CS background score is acceptable. Production values from LYCA and NVR are decent.

About performances, Sai Pallavi in mother character is a little difficult to believe but she has done a good job especially in interval episode when Diya calls her AMMA. Her struggle to save Naga Shaurya from Diya clutches is well played. Naga Shaurya has nothing to do in this flick expect monitoring the construction activity at site in a civil engineer character. This is a wrong choice for sure. Baby Veronika too is left for single expression. Priyadarshi was clearly over acting. Res all are filled with Tamil faces.    

Kanam Review Advantages:



Kanam Review Drawbacks:



Flawed Emotions

Wrong Artists Selection

Lack of Horror, Thrill

Kanam Review, Rating Analysis:

As single point storyline, a terminated embryo thriving for mother’s love is tender enough to touch the hearts. But, AL Vijay watered down the strength in point with weak, open screenplay and bland direction. Basic logic and the fundamental rationale behind Diya’s existence as evil soul aren’t explained with conviction. When the film falls back on central premise, everything looks forced and unwanted for.

First half begins smoothly as Shaurya, Sai Pallavi move into a lavish apartment. Next moment, we are introduced to an invisible Diya playing around his mother Sai Pallavi. That’s where the viewers are kept half way and parents of Shaurya, Sai along with a lady doctor brutally murdered one by one makes whole first half a feast of deaths. Nowhere the whole elimination process finds its ground. In between Priyadarshi tests our patience. Interval block of Sai Pallavi interacting with Diya and collapsing down showed an impact and the flashback of abortion added some weight.

Into second half, Sai Pallavi is here to save Shaurya from Diya clutches. One word from Sai to Diya not to kill her dad (Shaurya) would have served the purpose and saved the time. But, two to three gap filling episodes of Sai saving Shaurya went futile. Climax brings in some sincerity as Priyadarshi gets serious and story heads for an unexpected ending.

All in all, Kanam is a pale film from AL Vijay and team. A mother-daughter emotion that can do wonders as a core conflict is wasted without any deal. Despite hit names of Sai Pallavi, Shaurya in leads, this Kanam is a dead cell and CJ goes with 2 star rating.

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