Kanabadutaledu Review

Kanabadutaledu Review
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Director: Balaraju
Producer: SS. Films, Sreepada Creations
Release Date: Thu 19th Aug 2021
Actors: Sunil
Kanabadutaledu Rating: 1.75 / 5
Kanabadutaledu Punchline: Logics Levu

What's Behind

Kanabadutaledu generated immense interest among movie lovers with its trailers and teasers. the presence of star comedian Sunil made movie lovers wait eagerly for the film's release. The film released on August 19, 2021 and let us find out what Kanabadutaledu got in store for the viewers.

Story Review

CI Victor Raju (Kishore Polimera) starts investigating the mystery behind a half-burnt dead body at the Visakhapatnam dump yard. He gets threat calls from a builder who vows to see his end.

In the meantime, Aditya (Yugram) decides to kill Surya (Sukrant Veerella) as his wife Sashida (Vaishali Raj) hates him after a breakup. The husband's wife, lands in Visakhapatnam where Surya was put up. But much to their shock they find out that he goes missing and some tell them that he was dead.

Is Surya really dead and how Nikhil Siddhartha (Ravi Varma), Michael (Kireeti Damaraju), and others are related, follow the investigation of detective Ramakrishna (Sunil) on the silver screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Balaraju readied a story to thrill movie lovers with the interesting twists and turns in a love story with a murder mystery. He starts off on an interesting note but loses steam within no time. The pace dips and the narration goes nowhere with the romantic story lacking depth and emotions. The first half ends after a lot of drags and only the entry of Sunil generates little interest. The pace picks up in the second half and though his introduction looks silly, things take a serious turn quickly.

Balaraju though surprises by showing the character played by Himaja in a negative manner, other characters and even her character is not established in a powerful and interesting manner. Director failed to get the optimum out of the cast and the crew and dubbing for all of them looked mediocre. Some actors overdid their roles and this ended up irritating the viewers. Balaraju missed many logics while unraveling the mystery and Sunil is seen doing more than what was required from him.

Sunil did his role well as required by the director. Himaja is ok in her negative role however her dubbing looked odd in the first half and different in the second half. Vaishali Raj looked attractive in some scenes. Ravi Varma is ok in his role. Yugram and Sukrant Veerella needs to work more on their expressions. Other actors passed through the motions.

Madhu Ponna's music and BGM have got nothing much to talk about. He completely disappointed with the output. The cinematography is ok and editing turned out to be a big let-off. It was shoddy and turned out to be mediocre. Production values are average



Sunil to some extent



Missing thrills

Story, screenplay, direction

Slow pace, dragged narration


Rating Analysis

Director Balaraju roped in mostly newcomers and planned to weave a story connecting Sunil as a detective. Though his idea is good, he failed in his execution. Balaraju failed to come with a strong story, perfect screenplay and direction and Kanabadutaledu crashlands in no time. Considering all these points, CJ goes with a 1.75 rating for Kanabadutaledu.

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