Kalapuram Review

Kalapuram Review
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Director: Karuna Kumar
Producer: Rajani Talluri
Release Date: Fri 26th Aug 2022
Actors: Satyam Rajesh
Kalapuram Rating: 1.25 / 5
Kalapuram Punchline: A Sham.

What's Behind

Satyam Rajesh's Kalapuram with Karuna Kumar attracted the attention of all as Karuna Kumar earlier impressed with films like Palasa and Sridevi Soda Centre. The film hit the screens on August 26, 2022 and let us see what it offered to movie lovers.

Story Review

The story is all about how youngsters struggle to achieve their dreams in the film industry. Karuna Kumar seems to have drawn inspiration from previous films like Ram Gopal Varma's Katha Screenplay Direction Appalaraju and more recently Cinema Bandi. The story lacked novelty and that could be excused. However, he did not show any interest to come up with impressive scenes to get good performances from the cast and crew. Even soap operas would have been far better than this film. His screenplay and direction turned out to be miserable and one gets a feeling that Karuna Kumar got his money and he is happy with it and not interested in giving quality output. Right from the start till the finish, the story or the scenes generate any interest. In the end, one so-called twist looks ok after all the mediocre plot.

The story is all about how a young man becomes a director by overcoming obstacles. The dreams of Rajesh (Satyam Rajesh) to turn director in Hyderabad receives a setback when his girlfriend cheats him but he gets a ray of hope when producer Appa Rao asks him to take a film in his village Kalapuram. Rajesh reaches Kalapuram along with his friend Praveen. However, he gets numerous shocks in Kalapuram. To find out the twists and whether Rajesh is able to realise his dream and how local politician Devraj, music troupe heat Devraj, and Sarada (Sanchita Poonacha) are connected to him, watch Kalapuram on screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Satyam Rajesh played the lead role. He got a lot of scope to showcase his acting talent and reach the next level. But he just passed through the motions. He failed to come up with the right kind of expressions and emotions at crucial moments. Sanchita Poonacha who played the female lead came up with better expressions and emoted well. Praveen Yendamuri performed well in the role of Rajesh's friend. Others like Kaashima Rafi, Chitram Seenu, and Janardhan performed accordingly.

Mani Sharma scored music for the film and it looked like he was not interested in scoring music. None of the songs are appealing and the background music failed to make an impact. The same is the case with cinematography and editing. Prasad's cinematography and SB. Raju Talari's editing struggled to reach the average levels. Production values are low.



Few Twists





Irritating Comedy

Rating Analysis

Kalapuram generated interest just because Karuna Kumar directed it and Satyam Rajesh is a decent performer. Those who visited the theatres were shocked as Kalapuram turned out to be the most atrocious and childish project. Even a school-going student would have come up with a better story and narration. It is an insult to the intelligence of the movie lovers and if the makers claim that they came up with a classic then only God knows. Considering all these elements, Cinejosh goes with a 1.25 rating for Kalapuram.

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