Kaasi Review

Kaasi Review
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Director: Kiruthiga Udhayanidh
Producer: Uday Harsha Vaddela, Ganesh Penubothu and Pradhyum
Release Date: Fri 18th May 2018
Actors: Vijay Antony
Kaasi Rating: 2.25 / 5
Kaasi Punchline: Routine, Boring Saga

Kaasi Review, What’s Behind:

After enthralling Telugu audience with Bichagadu, multi talented Vijay Antony botched to score another hit here in Tollywood. Will Kaasi directed by Tamil hero Udhayanidhi Stalin’s wife Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi provide him a break? Let us see in the review part. 

Kaasi Story Review:

Kaasi (Vijay Antony) is a popular doctor in London lives along with his parents. A dream wherein a young Kaasi and his mother are being attacked by a snake and buffalo haunts him every day. In real life, Kaasi is shocked to know that he is an adopted son, goes all the way to India to know the secret behind his birth. In the process, he visits his birth village and meets different people, starts a clinic to render services with support from church father John (Jayaprakash) and also conducts a medical camp to match his DNA with all the villagers. Does his DNA match with any in the village? Will he ever find his parents? 

Kaasi Artists, Technicians Review:

Director Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi proved her mettle as director with debut film Vanakkam Chennai. This helped her to make Kaasi made on good budget and is her first commercial outing. Though Kaasi features Vijay in multiple roles and narrates different stories but really has nothing new to offer in the script and narrative. None of the tracks touch our heart and the film also lacks on entertainment quotient. So, script and direction wise Kiruthiga proved to be below par.

Vijay Antony is a proved composer and provided good background score to match different emotions. Richard M. Nathan’s camerawork is flawless while Lawrence Kishore’s editing work is mediocre with so many tedious scenes injecting the boredom. Production values of Legend Cinema are too decent.

Coming to artists, Vijay Antony played three different roles. One as a spoilt student who loves his classmate for ages, second a bandit who adores married woman and third a doctor in search of parents in India. Mandatorily he needed to don different getups to show variation for each character but he could not. Jayaprakash is as usual good as church father. Anjali looked beautiful though got nothing much to perform. Sunaina does have an important role and entire story revolves around her. Amritha Aiyer and Shilpa Manjunath are just ok in their respective roles. Rest all are the same, unknown Tamil faces. 

Kaasi Review Advantages:

Vijay Antony

Starting Episodes

Kaasi Review Drawbacks:

Outdated Story

Sluggish Narration


Lack Of Entertainment

Overt Tamil Flavor

Kaasi Review, Rating Analysis:

Kaasi looks to be a different film as it begins interestingly with a bad dream that haunts Vijay Antony who is a famous doctor in London. Visuals in dream are shot intriguing. When it is revealed that, Vijay was actually adopted and his parents are in India, an interest is created among the audience to know about his original parents and his flashback. Till this part, Kaasi first half is a good watch but as soon as story shifts to India, slow pace and unappealing narration tests our patience. 

Vijay Antony meeting different people or the drama episodes, romantic track won’t make any impact. Attack by a rowdy batch, saving a kid is illogical and Nasser rescuing Vijay heads to interval with twist of a tattoo. 

Second half where Nasser narrates his love story and the two sub-plots narrated in both the halves have nothing to do with main plot. This is truly immaturity. Finally Vijay’s mission accomplish with medical camp, flashback episodes on the subject of caste differences do not connect with us leading to a known closure of story.

Overall, Kaasi is another distressing film from Vijay Antony. Old plot, lethargic narrative and lack of entertaining or engaging elements made it an ordinary fare as CJ goes with 2.25 star rating.


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