Jyo Achyuthananda Review

Jyo Achyuthananda Review
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Jyo Achyuthananda Review, What’s Behind: Director Avasarala Srinivas established his own mark with debut product Oohalu Gusagusalade. This is his second project on Varahi banner starring Nara Rohit, Naga Shourya and Regina in leads. Promoted as a romantic script banked heavily on brotherly emotions, let us see the rest in our review. 

Jyo Achyuthananda Story: Achyut (Nara Rohit) and Anand (Naga Shourya) are two brothers living happily in a typical middle class setup with widow mother (Seetha) and their respective wives. However, they have a youthful flashback with common love interest on tenant Jyothsna (Regina). An unfortunate incident changes their lives as Jyothsna lives to USA and Achyut, Anand gets married to settle down. Problems resurface when Jyothsna re-arrives into their peaceful lives. What’s the purpose of her visit? Why Achyut and Anand are on the verge of separation form the rest of heavy duty climax.

Jyo Achyuthananda Artists and Technicians: Avasarala is known for his lighter vein fun in penning simple episodes. He brings a lot of cheerful play into treatment. After Oohalu, he almost repeated the same for Jyo alloyed with evergreen emotional drive between two brothers. First of all, his crunchy and funny lines sustain a smile on our face for long. The love track ran between three leads is certainly engaging. Screenplay adopted for these episodes is also absorbing. Direction wise, Avasarala crumbled at crucial stage steering his narrative from lighter vein fun to a high emotional path. This transitional phase went faint, bizarre with poorly conceived, low content scenes. Yet the way love and affection triumphs finally in climax re-arranged the lost vagary. Venkat C Dilip’s camera work isn’t grand. His lighting schema stood in sync with typical middle class homely environment. Editing by Kiran worked wonders in first half while second half failed to show same mark. Kalyan Koduri’s music is forever a melodious delight for ears. His BGM enhanced the essence to experience. Placement of songs was perfect. Sai Korrapati and Rajani Korrapati production standards are perfectly in measure with commerciality in this concept.   
Onto performances, Nara Rohit and Naga Shourya have got equal screen time. Definitely, this is one of the best characters Rohit portrayed till date. His comic timing is perfect and so is selfish elder brother’s body language. Shourya suited well for younger brother look. He was smart, balanced and emotionally charged. Regina is an invisibly crucial thread to tie the loose ends between two male protagonists. She does well with a smile. Seetha as destitute mother and two ladies as wives to heroes were also appealing. Nani’s cameo is also good. Tanikella Bharani, Hemanth and other artists struck to their brief jobs.


Good Performances

Clean and Neat writing

Strong Emotions

Funny Romance

Soulful Music 



Lack of Commercial Elements

Purely Multiplex Nature

Bogged Down Second Half

Vaguely Treated Pre Climax    

Jyo Achyuthananda Rating Analysis: For a Telugu film to work, stirring emotional elements are a must. Avasarala exactly worked in this area (seems to have) inspired from SVSC. Onto subtle and spontaneous romantic feelings, he showed same effortlessness of Oohalu. More or less, Avasarala succeeded in keeping the atmosphere realistic and art department should also be appreciated. Most of the brothers in real life with small age gap are sure to identify themselves in Rohit, Shourya. The central substance of how financials play important role in dividing united families is also a reflective of contemporary middle class families. Problem in this area got diluted with poor execution and feeble screenplay.

First half is fresh, nice and entertaining. Story flows on smoothly with engaging and enticing episodes. Rohit, Shourya’s intelligence over-show before Regina, establishing the family setup took long time and we almost reach towards interval after a shaky tragic incident. 

Second half should have been far more promising to deal the sibling rivalry and their unlike mentalities. Major portions from here were forcibly inserted. Using Sashank, Chaitanya Krishna totally went wrong. Regina playing with wits to bring the distanced brothers together is also just ok. Thanks to a tear jerking climax which neutralized the negativity.

Commercially speaking, Jyo Achyuthananda is purely a multiplex movie. Avasarala ascended by one more step as director showing his taste to serve wholesome entertainers. Had he worked more in second half mid portions, the result would have been exceptional. After Manamantha, producer Sai showed the courage to believe in emotions. Cinejosh goes for 2.75 stars rating, recommending the film for family audience. 

Cinejosh Jyo Achyuthananda Verdict: Of Love, Responsibility and Affection

                                                 Cinejosh Jyo Achyuthananda Rating: 2.75/5.0

                                                                                             Reviewed by Srivaas

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