Julaayi Review

Julaayi Review
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Behind the Movie Julaayi: The spectacular combination of Allu Arjun, Ileana, Trivikram and Devi Sri Prasad is enough to keep the anticipation so high. Amidst a big hype, movie is released today in theatres. Let us see how far Trivikram has spread his magic?

In the Movie Julaayi: Story begins with Narayana (Tanikella Bharani) depositing the money in Vizag Co-Operative Bank which announces high rate of interests. His son Ravindra Narayana aka Ravi (Allu Arjun) is a big Julayi who believes only in earning short term money with less hard work and more intelligence. To win a challenge with his dad, Ravi plans to go for a kill with IPL cricket betting. Incidentally, he meets the gang of Bittu (Sonu Sodd) who are on a mission to rob Vizag Co-Operative Bank with assistance from Minister Varada Rajulu (Kota). 

The actual story begins here when like-minded Ravi and Bittu start playing the mind game one over the other. While Bittu jumps with looted money of Rs.1500 Crores, Police Officer Raja Manikyam (Rao Ramesh) with the assistance of Ravi chases Bittu and money. The game gets interesting when Ravi kills Bittu’s brother Lala (Shafi). Then Raja Manikyam sends Ravi to Hyderabad for residing in ACP Seetharam (Rajendra Prasad)’s house in order to escape from the revenge of Bittu. Here Ravi falls in love with Madhu (Ileana). How far Police was successful in catching Bittu? When will Ravi get back into the business to save his family, lover and then bringing Rs.1500 Crores back into bank? Who was helping Bittu from the Police department? All these form the rest.

Values of the Movie Julaayi: The core strengths of ‘Julayi’ are the punching dialogues of Trivikram and first rate performance from Bunny. Very concept of Bank robbery will grab the attention of urban viewers and Trivikram’s handling of key scenes was mind blowing. The speed of narration, action and the strong grip maintained by Trivikram in first half was completely missing in second half. Dialogues wise, there are numerous instances where one can’t keep away from breaking the stomach. Even scripting wise, Trivikram could not maintain his mark in second half where direction too has gone bizarre. Music by Devi Sri Prasad is superb for all the songs and most of them are well picturized. Camerawork of Naidu brothers was also stylish and trendy. Pravin Pudi’s editing was absorbing with Hollywood flavor. Radha Krishna and Danayya’s Production values was top notch.

Performance wise, Allu Arjun was oozing with energy. His comedy timing needs special applause. In dances and action scenes, as usual Bunny was perfect. His romance with Ileana was refreshing. However, the skeleton or zero sized look of Ileana was disappointing. After a very long time Rajendra Prasad got a meaty role in commercial cinema and he became the major asset of ‘Julaayi.’ Not to forget MS Narayana, Brahmanandam who took the fun quotient very high. Villainy of Sonu Sood was regular and his partner Devayani (Sheetal Menon) was hot. While Shafi, Kota and Rao Ramesh roles were ended pitifully, the characters of Dharmavarapu, Brahmaji, Tanikella, Pragathi, Hema, Tulasi etc did their part well. Udayabhanu shined a while in the title song.

Out of the Movie Julaayi: Concepts like Bank robberies need to be quite engaging throughout. Trivikram was successful in mixing entertaining comedy and energetic songs at right doses into the script. Meanwhile, the kind of dedication and soul he put into the first half was not visible in second half. When the conflict of Bunny Vs Sonu is the thin/core concept of story, screenplay and direction needs to have been further more sharpened. Trivikram lost his grip in second half throwing logics to air and went on for mere gap filling. In fact pre-climax was more attacking than the funny climax.

Compared to past few dud projects of Bunny, surely ‘Julaayi’ is a sigh of relief. Trivikram has also put his soul and sweat in making of this project. Audience will easily trace out the shades of ‘Jalsa’ and ‘Athadu’ still haunting this director. Movie would have definitely worked wonders, if the same magic of first half is repeated in second half. In particular, first half was full of acceleration filled with amazing episodes sprinkling humor, action and a clever word play. The latter part which makes audience to anticipate on well execution of mind games between the protagonist and antagonist, the graph falls down consistently to end with an overall above average feel.    

Logically, movie might work well in urban centers compared to B & C. With huge number of screens allotted for first week and no big threats in opposition, there is every possibility of ‘Julaayi’ to score big at BO. One has to wait and see how far audience can digest this kind of stylish concepts and especially the second half.

Cinejosh Verdict of Julaayi: Excellent First Half – Exhaustive Second Half.

                                                                                 Reviewed by Srivaas

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