Journey Movie Review

Journey Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Journey: Film maker AR Murugadoss known for good taste has come up with this venture in Tamil as ‘Engeyum Eppodum,’ directed by Saravanan. Enjoying the super duper success, now the same is dubbed in Telugu as ‘Journey’ brought to us by Kondeti Suresh. Let us see, where this ‘Journey’ has led us to?

In the Movie Journey: Two buses, one a Private and other a Government bus coming in opposite directions traveling from Hyderabad to Vijayawada and Vijaywada to Hyderabad crash each other at Suryapet leading to several deaths. Story unfolds here in the form of flashback with two of the love couples present in these buses.

First is, Amrutha (Ananya) completed her Engineering has come to Hyderabad in search of a job. In an unfortunate situation, she takes help of Gautham (Sharwanand) to reach the interview location traveling in RTC buses and sharing autos. Later on, Amrutha lives city but her memories with Gautham turn into true love and vice versa. While Gautham lives to Vijayawada to meet Amrutha, at the same time Amrutha starts to Hyderabad. As both their attempts go in vain, a disappointed Amrutha boards the bus back to Vijayawada and Gautham takes the bus back to Hyderabad.

Second is the love story of innocent, soft spoken ITI guy Krishna (Jai) working in a machinery work shop in Vijayawada is in love with out spoken and practical nurse Madhumati (Anjali). After some really interesting incidents, Krishna wanted Madhumati to meet his parents in Munaguru near Suryapet. Accordingly they board the same bus which Gautham takes from Vijaywada. Then are these two buses facing a mishap near Suryapet. How did love stories of these two couples end forms the heart touching climax.

Values of the Movie Journey: Main strength of this film lies in scripting, characterization and emotional story telling with crude dose of reality. Saravanan is a winner all the way for visualizing such a story which has the message but not at all preaching oriented. He has the guts and goods are delivered. Cinematography of Velraj is one of the best works ever seen in recent times with camera angles are to just leave you astonished. Well supported is the background score of Sathya that makes you feel like a passenger in this terrific journey. Although makers have tried to inculcate some sort of Telugu nativity yet the Aravam smell remained in tact. Editing by Kishore Te is also appreciative. Hats off to Suresh Kondeti for giving this kind of flick to Telugu audience.

Performance wise, Sharwanand is suave, well suited to his character. Ananya is cute and bubbly with innocent looks. Jai has become a scene stealer as story proceeded on. Anjali has the charm and is very confident. Of the remaining star cast none can be remembered. 

Out of the Movie Journey: Everyday we hear of numerous accidents happening on Highways due to over speed or various other reasons. We feel pity for the death count but never realize the plight of those who are bereaved. Saravanan focused exactly on this aspect of bringing emotions out of many co-passengers in this journey, who have no connection even with main story.  Saravanan speaks of Organ Donation, Responsibilities of Citizens, Heart to Serve the Needful and many more without boring you. Even though there are some weak narrative moments that brought some sort of lag in second half yet ‘Journey’ haunts you even after completion of the film.

First of all, last half an hour of the film with mind blowing camera work catching the mishap episode is a compulsory watch for everyone. Intelligence of director is felt every time he swayed between present and flashback without disturbing the mood of audience. Such is the mark of quality which is much more enhanced by performances from lead star cast. 

Forget the first and second half…both are best in their own ways yet commercial successes of this genre of films is always doubtful due to lacking of universal appealing elements. For research oriented cinema lovers, ‘Journey’ will be definitely a memorable experience. All those who have habit of making journeys in buses, this flick will pinch you.  

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Journey: Become a Passenger & Experience this Everlasting Journey. 

                                                                           Reviewed by Srivaas

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