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Joru Review
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Behind the Movie Joru: Young hero Sundeep Kishan on a success spree with back to back hits has teamed with ‘Gundello Godari’ fame director Kumar Nagendra. More over there are three beautiful babes Rashi Khanna, Sushma Raj and Priya Benarjee serving the glamour part. Let us get swiftly into the remaining review.

In the Movie Joru: Story kick starts with introduction to Sundeep (Sundeep Kishan), a modern day trendy guy living to Vizag along with his friend Naamaalu (Sapthagiri). On the same day, Anu (Rashi Khanna) lands in Hyderabad from USA and set to move Vizag by road. Anu is the daughter of local MLA Sada Sivam (Sayaji Shinde). On the road journey, Anu and Sundeep meet and decide to travel together. Shocker is, they are being attacked continuously by Bhavani (Ajay), son of Sada Sivam which means Anu’s elder brother. However, there is a big twist in the tale with twin brothers Sada Sivam and Parama Sivam (Sayaji Shinde), they two look alike. There is a criminal conspiracy of Param Sivam which kept a big suspense behind. What is this suspense? How are Sada Sivam’s PA Pelli Koduku (Brahmanandam), Parama Sivam’s daughter Poorna (Priya Benarjee) and Sundeep’s maradalu (Sushma Raj) get into the story to reveal the actual face of Parama Sivam is rest.

Values & Out of the Movie Joru: Confusion comedy has become the trending subject of Tollywood. Until and unless Telugu audience beat few of such films black and blue at BO, there is no way our talented directors will think on new and creative elements. Kumar Nagendra’s visionary and productive approach as seen in ‘Gundello Godari’ completely missed here. Instead, he believed in generating slapstick comedy with plenty of characters coming in and going out the screen accomplishing less of fun and more of confusion. Basically, Kumar Nagendra lacked in content and was foolishly struggling with script. On dialogues part too, he showed very less scope of sense of humor. Never did narration move speedily to keep the audience in splits. Screenplay was lethargic and narration was totally boring. Palani Kumar’s photography was a professional work in canning the beautiful songs. SR Sekkhar editing was just awkward. Music by Bheems Ciciroleo was worth humming for two songs ‘Manasa’ and ‘Havvai Tuvvai.’ Production values of Sri Keerthi Movies of Ashok, Nagarjun was appreciable.

Coming to performances, Sundeep Kishan has nothing big to keep a lavish show. He is good at comedy and director used him on that aspect. Action and dances, Sundeep is always promising. Rashi Khanna is a breath taking beauty. Her gorgeously shining skin will not allow you to blink the eyes. She is the one to stand out among lot of odds in film. Sushma Raj, Priya Benarjee is just for name sake. Brahmanandam did not evoke much laughter in a full length character. Sayaji Shinde was irritating just like Sapthagiri training a wild bear in classic music. OMG, what a brilliant thought from you Kumar Nagendra? God alone knows, how could an editor take risk of running nearly 8 to 10 minutes on this stupid comedy track. There are plenty of others like Marudhuri Raja, Balayya, Annapurnamma, Kasi Vishwanath, Hema, Ajay etc who suck your patience. 

‘Joru’ is a clear example of a film where everything has gone bad to worse. Touted to be modern day rom-com, director Kumar Nagendra fell flat on nose with unprofessional work throughout the narration. The way story took off can leave any average viewer to guess and anticipate on novelty in torture waiting for us. Right from the go, everything looks messy and confusing. Just before the interval when the twist is revealed, there is no substance left for Kumar to run the second half. A weak screenplay amalgamated with complicated characters and their bewildering behavior leaves the audience baffled. All in all, ‘Joru’ is not a movie for any section of audience.

Cinejosh Verdict of Joru: This is ‘Boru’ (Bore).

                                               Cinejosh Rating: 2/5

                                                                       Reviewed by Srivaas

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