Jodi Review

Jodi Review
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Director: Vishwanath
Producer: Sai Venkatesh Gurram, Padmaja
Release Date: Fri 06th Sep 2019
Actors: Aadi
Jodi Rating: 2.0 / 5
Jodi Punchline: Soulless Romance

Jodi Review, What’s Behind?

After making an impressive debut, young hero Aadi has been failing to pick right subjects and directors. Aadi teamed up with debutante director Viswanath for Jodi co-starring Shraddha Srinath of Jersey fame. Will this first time Jodi of Aadi and Shraddha deliver hit at box office?

Jodi Story Review:

A software employee Kapil (Aadi) falls in love with a French teacher Kanchanamala (Shraddha Srinath) who stays with her babai after her parents’ demise. Impressed with Kapil’s caring nature, Kanchana accepts his love. Her babai who initially gives nod for their marriage, changes his mind after meeting Kapil’s dad (Naresh) who loses everything in cricket betting and is the reason behind a big tragedy in Kanchana’s family. What is it? What trouble that Naresh gave to Kanchana’s family? Will Kapil and Kanchana ever get nod for their marriage from both the families?

Jodi Artists, Technicians Review:

Debutante Viswanath opted a regular story of a silly issue between two families disturb young love birds willing to marry. An entertaining and engaging screenplay would at least have pleased family audience. The treatment and making was on par with TV serials. Neither the romantic track was charming nor was the conflict point imposing. Phani Kalyan has come up with regular tunes, wherein cinematography was middling. Production values of Bhavana Creations are okay.

Onto Performances, Aadi looked charming is good in his role as a youngster with family commitments and caring personality. However, he needs to cut down fights in his films. Shraddha Srinath looked decent, though she has come up with good performance. Veteran actor Gollapudi makes an impact as Shraddha’s grandfather. Naresh and Shiju were good in their respective roles. Vennela Kishore and Satya duo provided some relief.

Jodi Review Advantages:

Nothing Much

Jodi Review Drawbacks:

Hardly Any

Jodi Review, Rating Analysis:

There is a harmful habit or say addiction called Gambling which will ruin entire family. Jodi story is all about how this bad habit of one person ruined his and friend’s family.

First half begins on a tedious note with Aadi narrating his story of how a bad habit of his father troubled family big time. The childhood episodes weren’t notable. Then, the love track of Aadi and Shraddha was outmoded and unimpressive. Vennela Kishore and Satya’s Suvarnabhoomi episode somehow was the only entertaining element in the first half which ends on regular note with Shraddha’s babai played by Shiju makes his mind to cancel the marriage.

Second half begins with Shiju giving the reason behind his hatred towards Naresh and the flashback lacks emotional connect. The rest of the story is Aadi’s efforts to impress Shiju and all these scenes lacked freshness and engaging factor. Movie ends on happy note with Naresh realizing his mistake and Aadi getting married to Shraddha. A script which required good drama and solid emotions fell flat in both areas leaving Aadi to wait for one more chance.

Overall, Jodi is a regular, boring family entertainer. Nothing much for youth and family audience. Although the main focus among other new releases in this week is on Jodi, the film botched to make any impression. CJ goes with 2 stars and the film undoubtedly has zero chance to survive at box office.


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