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Jil Review
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Behind the Movie Jil: Hero Gopichand’s stylish look alloyed with beauty of Rashi Khanna and high technical values of UV Creations, music of Ghibran made ‘Jil’ a special movie from debutant director Radha Krishna Kumar. On success streak with ‘Loukyam,’ let us see how Jil Jil is this ‘Jil?’

In the Movie Jil: Story begins with introduction of Mumbai mafia don Chota Naik (Kabir) on search for his backstabbed close aide Ranganath (Brahmaji), who escaped with 1000 Crores. On the other side, hero Jai (Gopichand) is a sincere Fire Department Officer falls in love with Savithri (Rashi Khanna). Meanwhile, Jai also crosses path with Ranganath in a deadly fire accident before losing life. Chota Naik and his men (Supreet etc) are doubtful on Jai being aware of those 1000 Crores; begin a bloody action war targeting Jai’s family members and friends. How Jai wipes of Chota Naik is the rest.

Values of the Movie Jil: UV Creations familiar for investing higher production costs than actual market value of their heroes’ have yet again pitched a stylish entertainer. Radha Krishna Kumar followed a conventional path of execution with pretty cool screenplay and a simple story filled with loads of heroism. This is purely a commercial film dealt with technical perfection. Direction although meanders in last portions of film due to lack of content, yet worth to excuse. Sakthi Saravanan’s special color tinge of cinematography is just stupendous. The way foreign Spanish locations are used in canning of songs and action episodes took the film to peaks. Ghibran’s vibrant musical score is culmination of modern day music. His score for songs and RR was just amazing. Editing of Kotagiri should have been spiked in second half and take off, else it’s good. Dialogues of Radha Krishna Kumar are also nice. Production values of UV Creations are in a class by itself. They swayed on to the top of tip.

On performance front, Gopichand was as cool as cucumber. He looked most handsome and plain shirts designed to suit his physique bought a new fragrance in him. Fire Officers are generally not so powerful but Gopichand joined that extra heroism with authenticity. He was a macho in confrontation and action blocks with villain. Rashi Khanna is an eye lashing beauty. She upped the glamour quotient by agreeing for couple of lip locks and moderate skin show. The romantic track between Rashi and Gopichand is also slightly fun filled and consummately smooth. 

Next to steal the show is villain Kabir. He is a Hollywood material used in Tollywood. The reason why Gopi’s heroism elevated is because of cruelty in Kabir’s acts and body language. Among others Urvashi as Gopi’s Pinni, Chalapathi Rao as Gopi’s Babai did a fine job. Bharath, Avasarala Srinivas have fit in as friends to Gopi. Fun of Posani and Prabhas Sreenu was just Ok. Rest no need for special mention.

Out of the Movie Jil: After a foolproof lower class targeted outing with an entertaining ‘Loukyam,’ this is rightly a selective pick from Gopichand. The film although hasn’t got any exquisite content, UV Creations and Radha Krishna Kumar made it worth once watch with high technicalities and lively presentation. Despite there is a slow take off with extended hero introduction episode, story gets into a clean shape by the time of interval. Rashi Khanna and Gopichand were admirable in whole first half. Later, the action in interval block is professionally and technically of high quality. Exquisite visuals live a stunning impact. 

Into the second half with high expectations, ‘Jil’ is a satisfying fare till one more action block after the death of Gopi’s friend and a family member. Emotion was carried well into this block. From here on, ‘Jil’ misses in content with falling standards cruising to an average climax. If at all Radha Krishna Kumar cracked the content for last 30 minutes or so, ‘Jil’ could have easily scored ‘Full’ marks. A strong first half then left second half in dilution. Lack of comedy is also a big setback.  

Commercially ‘Jil’ might open brightly in this summer vacation. It should either sustain or accelerate with positive mouth talk. How far ‘Jil’ can break top records of Gopichand ‘Loukyam’ and how the lower class audience connect with this film has to be wait and seen.

Cinejosh Verdict of Jil: Ultra Stylish Action.

Cinejosh Rating: 3/5

                                                                                           Reviewed by Srivaas

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