Jhansi Season 2 Review

Jhansi Season 2 Review
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Director: Thiru - Ganesh
Producer: Krishna Kulasekaran - K.S.Madhubala
Release Date: Thu 19th Jan 2023
Actors: Anjali, Chandini Chowdary, Aadarsh Balakrishna, Raj Arjun, Rameshwari Talluri and others
Jhansi Season 2 Movie Rating: 1.25 / 5
Punchline: Jhansi Season 2 - No Reason Too.!

Jhansi Web Series season 2 : What's Behind

Well known Actress Anjali and Chandini Chowdhary's Jhansi webseries generated interest when it hit the screens last year. Now the web series second season started streaming on Disney+ Hotstar on 19 January 2023. Let us find out whether the second season bettered the first season or not.

Jhansi season 2 : Story Review

The story continues from where it ended in the first season. Jhansi (Anjali) and Barbie (Chandini Chowdhary) find themselves in a prostitution house Billu Club in Goa. Jhansi gets attracted to the club owner Ethen (Aditya Shivpink). This leads to thrilling developments. To find out more about it and what is the connection of Ethen's father Khaleb (Raj Vijay) form the crux.

Jhansi season 2 : Artists Review

Anjali played the role of a memory-loss girl quite well. She seems to be smitten with such roles as she is doing the same role in another webseries Fall. Anjali worked hard and tried to impress in action sequences. She did justice to her role. Chandini Chowdhary got a limited screen presence. She is not seen along with Anjali and the lack of faceoff between Anjali and Chandini Chowdhary disappoints all. Chandini is seen only in the flashback episodes and all her fans will be highly dejected. Others performed according to their roles.

Jhansi season 2 : Technicians Review

The story of Thiru and Ganesh Kaarthic continued in the same vein as in the first season. In their quest to thrill viewers, they included a flashback in all the episodes. Many feel that they overdid it and in the process ended up testing the patience of the viewers. Trying to include more detail into the characters, they dragged the episodes and the length played the spoilsport.

For all the hype over Jhansi's character, they failed to create interest. They turned the character weaker than stronger with each passing second. The lack of emotional connection and weak antagonist undid the premise. Overall the story turned out to be routine, the screenplay and direction nosedived and offered nothing interesting to excite all.

Sricharan Pakala's music is ok. His background music added value to the narration. Arvi's cinematography is good and he gave the right feel to the viewers of the story. Antony's editing could have been better as the pace of the narration slowed with repetitive scenes.

Jhansi season 2 : Advantages

  • Anjali
  • Few interesting scenes

Jhansi season 2 : Disadvantages

  • Screenplay, Direction
  • Missing emotional connectivity
  • Weak antagonist
  • Editing

Jhansi Web Series season 2 : Rating Analysis

Altogether, Tirru and Kaartic tried to elevate Jhansi's power in the second season. However, they failed on all fronts. One gets a feeling that they are keen to come up with more seasons for the webseries rather than thrill viewers with the gripping story and narration. The episodes lacked emotions and the dialogues turned out to be ordinary. They ended season 2 with the caption 'This is just the beginning in the leadup to season 3'. However, if they continue in the same vein, viewers will say 'this is the end'. They are only interested in fooling the viewers by taking them for granted. Considering all these aspects Cinejosh goes with a 1.25 Rating for Jhansi season 2.

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