Jessie Review

Jessie Review
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Director: Aswani Kumar V
Producer: Shweta Singh
Release Date: Fri 15th Mar 2019
Actors: Ashima Narwal
Jessie Rating: 2.25 / 5
Jessie Punchline: Just Ok

Jessie Review, What’s Behind?

Jessie is a psychological horror thriller written and directed by Aswani Kumar V. The film’s trailer by some means generated interest. Is this movie really as interesting as promised through the promo stuff?

Jessie Story Review:

A team of four professional ghost hunters on their way to conduct a paranormal investigation at a haunted house named Victoria House gives lift to owner of the house (Archana). They experience few weird things in the incomplete backdrop narrated with ghost Jessie and her sister Amy. What they did to know the complete story? Who’s this Jessie? Will the ghost hunters’ team survive; given everybody who entered the house before ended their lives?

Jessie Artists, Technicians Review:

Jessie is not a novel story but screenplay is what generates some curiosity. There are couple of twists and turns which will amaze audience. Repetitive scenes and weird behavior of lead actors are weak points. Though horror elements are spine chilling at times, dominance of loud sound effects played spoilsport. Aswani Kumar has come up with an interesting concept while execution is not up to the mark.

Sunil Kumar’s camera work is first-class for a film of this genre. Editing by Garry BH was bumpy with abrupt transitions. Sricharan Pakala’s work on BGM is impressive and theme song is melodious. Production values of Ekaa Art Productions PVT LTD are good for a small budget film.

Onto performances, Sritha Chandana who played the role of Jessie’s sister is the show stealer. With her strange behavior, her acting scares us. Ashima Narwal was decent in a role that has multi shades. Archana is a surprise package as house owner. Atul Kulkarni and Kabhir Duhan Singh are wasted. The ghost hunters’ team led by Pavani Gangireddy is all right.

Jessie Review Advantages:



Twists n Turns

Jessie Review Drawbacks:


Flawed Emotions


Serious Premise

Jessie Review, Rating Analysis:

Aswani Kumar V tricked with screenplay or else the thin plotline with straight narration would have made storytelling emerge flat and mind numbing. Of late, makers in order to please all sections are adding humor which is badly missed in Jessie premise. Even the last portions are routine and we have seen similar ending for uncountable films in this genre.

Movie begins on a serious note with introduction of two sisters Jessie and Amy who discuss about existence of god and ghosts. In no time they are met with road accident and what happens to them is undisclosed. Then, a team of ghost hunters’ enter the haunted house on their 9th mission to conduct a paranormal investigation. They claim to be professionals but professionalism is lacked in their attitude, conduct. After few strange occurrences at the house, all of sudden a TV screen switched on to narrate Jessie’s incomplete story. The flashback has few horrifying elements and direction looks forced, unwanted for. Movie reaches half way with a big twist.

Latter part starts on interesting note with revelation of real identity of Jessie as Shruti. But then, the TV is switched off making us curious to know what exactly happened to Jessie and her sister. Funny part is, a police officer who warns the ghost hunters’ hunters throws his life in danger by entering house. After winding up Jessie’s story, rest is regular.

All in all, Jessie is pretty average. Except for some twists and turns in flashback, the film offers no big entertainment. CJ goes with 2.25 stars and chances are meager to shine at box office.


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