Jayeebhava Movie Review

Jayeebhava Movie Review
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Behind the Movie “Jayeebhava”: Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Arts banner established by Nandamuri Kalyan Ram has delivered two good movies “Athanokkade” and “Hare Ram”. Kalyan Ram has not only proved his worth as Producer but also as a good hero with these movies. Gorgeous Hansika has been on a spree to steal the young hearts all the way from “Deshamuduru”. With the brand of selection of different stories assimilated with extraordinary technical values NTR Arts and Kalyan Ram have this time come again with “Jayeebhava” to secure their hat trick with added attraction Hansika in the main lead.

In the Movie “Jayeebhava”: Bhavani Shankar (Mukhsh Rishi) and Narasimham (Jaya Prakash Reddy) are good friends working in a factory. Yaadu (Ashish Vidyarthi), the bad man jealous about their friendship ignites fire between them for benefits of the factory owner. Both these friends get separated with their kids and grow in their business, but their personnel rivalry continue in every issue of their business. Ram (Kalyan Ram), the son of Bhavani studying in London always dream of doing good for the people like his father. After arriving in India, he knows about the story from his grand father (Chalapathi Rao). To eradicate their enemy Yaadu, Ram travels all the way to Hong Kong where Yaadu runs his cricket betting mafia and makes him trapped to Hong Kong police. But in this sequence, Ram fells in love with Anjali (Hansika) in Hong Kong. Returning back to India, Ram finds that Anjali is the daughter Narasimham. How this jodi wins the love of either families, as Ram enters the house of Narasimham and Anjali enters the house of Bhavani Shankar and how will Yaadu make the movie run towards climax is the remaining story.

Values of the Movie “Jayeebhava”: Kalyan Ram looked better as a hero in second half rather than the first half. Gorgeous Hansika’s beauty haunts you even after getting out of the theatre. With some accumulated fat, Hansika looked beautiful and apt for the role. Ashish Vidyarthi, Jaya Prakash Reddy and Mukesh Rishi were routine in their roles. Ali, Raghubabu and Brahmanandam are the real stealers of this show with their humorous drama. Whole of the second half is pulled over by these three artistes. Naren Kondepati, the debutant director and writer of this movie has picked the right string only in the second half. First half of the movie looked pathetic with dull script and boring moments. Second half almost resembles Srinu Vytla’s “Ready”, but even then only few comedy scenes perfectly clicked, else this movie would have been a damp squib. Camera work by Dasharathi Shivendra is good in catching the beautiful locales of Hong Kong. Music by Thaman. S is a big let down for “Jayeebhava”. There is not even a single song that is worth to mention about. Editing by Gowtham Raju is just okay. Stunts are regular and Art work by Rajeev Nair is fine. Production values by NTR Arts are good.

Out of this Movie “Jayeebhava”: If “Athanokkade” and “Hare Ram” run altogether on different lines of action story, “Jayeebhava” is a complete family entertainer. There are no elements of over violence or over usage of visual graphics. Leaving the actual point of the story, whole first half runs on very weak script. With less comedy and more useless stuff “Jayeebhava” would have stood as a dumb movie, but second half really comes as savior for the movie. Strictly speaking only few comedy scenes in the second half and the way Director has run this comedy track by interweaving it with the main story gave some life to the movie. Ali, Raghubabu, Brahmanandam have gave the new life to the “Jayeebhava”. Even when the story runs on expected lines, “Jayeebhava” remained apt to the title only in the second half.

Cine Josh Verdict “Jayeebhava”:
An average family entertainer with good comedy.  

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