Jayasurya Review

Jayasurya Review
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Jayasurya Review, What’s Behind: Tamil star hero Vishal enjoys decent following in Telugu with a dedicated mass market. He is joined by director Suseenthiran for second time after an average outing with ‘Palnadu.’ There is Kajal Agarwal, Jaya Prakash, Samuthirakhani, Murali Sharma to add for the star cast. To know how far Vishal has the power to woo masses as ‘Jayasuya’ is to be read in the review.

Jayasurya Story: Narration takes off in Guntur with row of businessmen murders shaking the city. Here comes specially appointed ACP Jayasurya (Vishal) to take up an undercover operation for finding the culprits behind these murders. He takes assistance of childhood friend and subordinate (Soori). In parallel, Jayasurya also falls in love with local beauty Soumya (Kajal Agarwal), daughter of top businessman (Jaya Prakash). As Jayasurya is on target of wiping local mafia leaders and their henchmen dealing with extortion, here comes a shocking truth about Jayasurya’s elder brother Siva (Samuthirakhani) as the kingpin behind entire illegal business supported by his close aide (Murali Sharma). How Jayasurya’s family reacts to the situation? What is the ultimate political motive of Siva?

Jayasurya Artists and Technicians: As ever, Suseenthiran is an odd-thinking film maker with tremendous ease in handling action and family emotions side by side. Like what we have seen in ‘Naa Peru Siva,’ here too Suseenthiran narrated a powerful story with varied set of emotions. Problem lied with slow paced screenplay and hectic lag in narration speed. Cop stories filled with action and thrill need to have a racy screenplay with no space to relax. In complete contrast, Suseenthiran moved the story like a dead horse wasting whole first half. Direction wise, there are certain glimpses where his mark is profusely felt. Dialogues from Sashank Vennelakanti are just about ok. Velraj’s camera work is fine while Anthony;s editing lacked in needed sharpness. Yet, action blocks showed stupendous sync between these two departments. Imman’s music is good for couple of songs and BGM is a better work. Production values of G Nageshwar Reddy and Sarvanth Ram creations are at best.

On to performances, Vishal is at his regular flow playing a median between family, romance and action. Kajal appeared to be a cool partner. The romantic track penned for two is shine-less but they tried best to ooze a life. Beyond these two, Samuthirakhani’s characterization is the winner. He played more than three to four shades affluently. Murali Sharma supported the cruelty of Samuthirakhani to a larger extent. Soori comedy is irritating. Jaya Prakash is worthwhile. The artist who has done father to Vishal is so authentic. Rest like Harish Uthaman, Anandraj etc struck to their portions. Nikitha Tukral’s item song is just fine. 

Jayasurya Rating Analysis: Suseenthiran’s leisurely paced in unfolding the proceedings served a big drawback for whole film. Crux of story cracks very late in second half although Samuthirakhani’s role gains central importance by interval block. Jayasurya’s narrative duplicates Hari’s ‘Singham’ touch in many areas, nevertheless the pace is unmatched. Many a times in first half, we think of director having lost his main track for useless romantic plot made further boring by adding songs at regular intervals to subjugate the real machismo in our hero. Family backdrop gets highlighted only at later hour when Kajal is swept to a corner with improper finishing. 

It’s hard for ‘Jayasurya’ to be allotted an action genre or family genre or an emotional genre describing an intense drama-fight between two opposite pole brothers. With plenty of portions to register, Suseenthiran fails with most of them. Every elemental feature a writer or director picks as part of story execution should have to engage the audience. Despite Vishal hot a tailor made role to outshine, finally Jayasurya becomes the show of Samuthirakhani. 

The police template used by Suseenthiran is age old. Addition of a strong antagonist in brother character made ‘Jayasurya’ slightly different. Only a strong climax and fabulous performances from lead artists makes this dubbing film worth to have 2.5 stars.

Commercially, ‘Jayasurya’ may not be traceable at Box Office in the presence of direct Telugu films ‘Dynamite’ and ‘Bhale Bhale Magadivoy’ yet those Vishal fans in AP and TS are sure to show their presence in theaters. 

Jayasurya Verdict by Cinejosh: Vishal Misses The Target.

                                                         Jayasurya Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                                      Reviewed by Srivaas

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