Jayadev Review

Jayadev Review
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Director: Jayant C Paranji
Producer: Ashok Kumar
Release Date: Fri 30th Jun 2017
Actors: Ganta Raviteja
Jayadev Rating: 1.5 / 5
Jayadev Punchline: Bhayadev

Jayadev Review, What’s Behind:

Andhra Pradesh Minister Ganta Srinivas Rao’s son Ganta Raviteja’s debut film is Jayadev, a remake with minor changes for Tamil hit Sethupathi. Directed by Jayant C Paranji and well supported by senior writers like Paruchuri Brothers, let us see how the film has really shaped up in the following review.

Jayadev Story Review:

Jayadev (Ganta Raviteja) is an honest police officer appointed newly as SI. He makes a simple living with sister, brother-in-law (Hariteja, Vennela Kishore) and love interest (Malavika Raj). One day he takes up a case related to murder of a SI in neighboring town which has its roots in local don Masthan Raju (Vinod Kumar) and his brothers (Supreet, Shravan). As the battle becomes open between two, Jayadev is almost ripped off from job framing him in a wrong case. How Jayadev overcomes the odds to finish off Masthan Raju is the rest.

Jayadev Artists, Technicians Review:

All those who watched Sethupathi would agree to a point that Tamil version was more screenplay centered with lot of heroism. Instead of following the same theme as it is, why Paranji went for modifications in treatment by roping in Paruchuri Brothers is still a million dollar question. Pathetically, the old school narrative and feeble handling of scenes has let down the respect one surely had for Paranji as he never made audience involve into the story. Technically, the product appeared at poorest standard nowhere matching the ferocity in original. Definitely, Paranji has to take the total blame. Jawahar Reddy’s camera work can be called mediocre at its best and Marthand K Venkatesh’s editing is also worse. Background music by Mani Sharma elevated few parts in second half but overall songs are again an utter waste. Production standards of K Ashok Kumar are also below average.

About artists, Ganta Raviteja could have done little more hard work at developing a flexible body language. He was stiff and rigid. Being a debutant, early mistakes are acceptable but he needs to go a long way to establish as a commercial hero. In fact, taking up a character done to excellence by Vijay Sethupathi in Tamil is by itself a challenge for Raviteja. Heroine Malavika Raj had a hybrid look of Tamanna and Shruti Hasan. Villain act by Vinod Kumar is full of stupidity and same are Shravan, Supreet easily avoidable. An item song shot on these three is deplorably dealt. Comedy by Vennela Kishore and Hari Teja was forcibly inserted while Bithiri Sathi invited few laughs. Shiva Reddy, Paruchuro Venkateshwara Rao and others in police station were used to just fill the screen. 

Jayadev Review Positives:


Jayadev Review Drawbacks:


Jayadev Review, Rating Analysis:

For a commercial film based on cop action and investigative orientation should have a rope-tight screenplay. Jayant C Paranji and his team including Paruchuri Brothers, whole set of artists, none succeeded to bring a life into an engaging plot. From a director who delivered hits like Preminchukundam Raa or provided a debut break for Prabhas with Eshwar, a film of Jayadev standards is uncalled for. God alone knows how he forgot every basic element in filmmaking, no buildups, no emotions, no villainy, no drama… on which basis did he helm the project?  

As titles roll, the song from SP enumerating services and sacrifices by police men in their duty invigorates a positive, good feeling. No gaps, actual tormenting begins from very first scene with frail hero introduction supplemented by lifeless dialogues. Immediately, Raviteja jumps into romantic track as Malavika Raj makes an entry with skin show. Entire romantic track from here on is a test of patience. In between, Vinod Kumar’s batch villainy is a brainless show crushing the audience in quarry. With so called twists (which director might have thought) into a poverty stricken conflict point, we are relieved for an interval break as Raviteja arrests Vinod Kumar.

Into second half, the same foolish episodes roll one after the other as Raviteja breaks the bones of every goon like Suriya’s fist in Singham. Time comes again when Paranji fails to rehash the same Tamil scenes of ripping Raviteja from duty and the powerful dialogues thereof. Scenes shot on investigative committee are so amateurish. Our hero character even has a brain and some mind games throw us for a laughing stock climax.

All in all, Jayadev is an easily forgettable debut for Ganta Raviteja which further lowered Jayant C Paranji’s directorial respect. An outdated project to its core, the film has zero chances to stand at Box Office. Cinejosh rates Jayadev with 1.5 stars and calls it a disastrous attempt among Tamil to Telugu remakes.


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