Jakkanna Review

Jakkanna Review
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Jakkanna Review, What’s Behind: Comedy hero Sunil struggling to save his audience base has arrived this time with ‘Jakkanna,’ produced by Sudarshan Reddy of ‘Prema Katha Chithram’ fame and directed by Vamsi Krishna Akella. Starring Mannara Chopra, Kabeer Duhan Singh and other comedians, let us see how far ‘Jakkanna’ entertained?

Jakkanna Story: Jakkanna (Sunil) is upright a gentleman who has the peculiar habit of paying back the favor for all those people who helped him in any stage of his life. Jakkanna soon comes across Sahasra (Mannara Chopra) and love at first sight blossoms. In parallel, Jakkanna is also hunting for an anonymous rowdy Bairagi (Kabeer Duhan Singh), who once saved the life of Jakkanna during childhood. Situations turn topsy-turvy because Bairagi has many rivals in Vizag and Sahasra also happens to be Bairagi’s sister. How Jakkanna balanced love life and his personal goal of saving Bairagi from opposition gangs and Police Officer Kattappa (Prudhvi) is the rest.  

Jakkanna Artists and Technicians: Vamsi Krishna Akella’s storyline made some sense during the take off but very soon his treatment and screenplay went botched. Scenes were written purely with the purpose of serving laughter forgetting the basic purpose in plot. Writer Bhavani Prasad and Maharshi’s destituteness to find rhyming words forcibly inserted into dialogue writing made the overall mood panicky. However, their efforts to pen those hundreds of rhyming punches impressed. As storyline was wafer thin, Akella could have written a few much needed supporting elements concretely to make the line look heavy. Instead, enlarged scenes come and go passing the time with loads of commercial, comic punches unconnected to core nucleus. Direction wise, Akella made those blunders else the film could have been far better. Ram Prasad’s camera work is just mediocre. MR Varma’s editing was fine and sharp but still a mess up. Dinesh scored the songs louder and so is the reverberating RR. Kanal Kannan’s action choreography is also ok. Production values from Sudarshan Reddy and RPA Creations are far higher relative to Sunil’s commercial stardom.                  

On to artists, Sunil yet again shouldered the entire film alone. Toning down the heroism is one factor where Sunil has to be congratulated but he still needs to cut those heroic fights and dancing in foreign locations which may not be essential for a concept of this sort. Above all, Sunil’s energy made the movie to sail on despite lacking in direction. Mannara Chopra is a hefty bomb who oozed glamour in many episodes. Performance wise, she isn’t proved. Sapthagiri as Kung Foo Pandoo started off on a hysterical laughter but over goes stretched. 30 Years Prudhvi as Special Police Officer Kattappa yet again imitated Balakrishna side-splittingly. Kabeer Duhan Singh’s character is badly written like Sathya Prakash, Raja Ravindra and Nagineedu, with no big purpose. Among the rest Roller Raghu, Sathya and other comedy teams worked tediously.

Jakkanna Rating Analysis: The attempt from producer and director to roll out a mass comic entertainer definitely went half cooked. Missing on proper content, how strong the comedy episodes may be everything looks forced and farcical. Sunil gave his best making his presence felt throughout, uplifting the falling graph to keep entertainment sustained. But, poor direction from Akella created a feeble impact. In fact, Akella threaded many instances which served of no purpose in elevating the fundamental story point. Beyond this big drawback, Sunil and supporting artists kept on passing the time.

After a decent take off establishing the hero characterization from childhood, once Sunil enters into Vizag, the dilution begins in first half. Mannara Chopra and Sunil’s romance went just average while Sapthagiri is enticing. In parallel, the twists and turns coming our way on Kabeer Duhan Singh, Sathya Prakash and rival villain gangs were executed below par. Interval bang with big action episode is shot well but isn’t amazing on narration part. 

Entry of Prudhvi speeds up the proceedings in second half only on comic quotient and not on content quotient rather the unveiling of remaining portions till the climax look silly and illogical. During climax, the track written on Kabeer Duhan Singh, Sunil and Sathya Prakash made the entire premise further imbecile.

In-totality, Jakkanna is one more weak selection from Sunil though he alone shined in fewer portions. Commercially, the film appeared to have made on high budget which might be hard to recover even if B and C order centers adore Sunil. So, Cinejosh rates Jakkanna with 2.25 stars waiting for overall Box Office response. 

Jakkanna Cinejosh Verdict: Only Rhyming But No Timing.

                                               Jakkanna Cinejosh Rating: 2.25/5.0

                                                                                    Reviewed by Srivaas

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