Jai Bhim Review

Jai Bhim Review
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Director: T. J. Gnanavel
Producer: Suriya, Jyothika
Release Date: Tue 02nd Nov 2021
Actors: Suriya
Jai Bhim Rating: 3 / 5
Jai Bhim Punchline: A powerful take on oppressed, police and judicial

What's Behind

Suriya who is known for versatile performances is set to show his power with his upcoming film Jai Bhim. The film directed by TJ. Gnanavel is streaming on Amazon Prime on November 2nd, 2022. Let us see what Jai Bhim got in store for movie lovers.

Story Review

Advocate Chandru (Suriya) who fights for the right cause takes up the case of the tribals languishing in jail. He takes up the case of tribal couple Rajanna(Manikandan), Chinnatalli(Lijomal Jose) and tries to get justice for them as they were falsely implicated in a robbery case.

However, he faces obstacles in form of Advocate General Ram Mohan (Rao Ramesh) who argues the case on behalf of the Government and IG Perumal Swamy (Prakash Raj). To find out whether Chandru is able to get justice delivered for Rajanna and Chinnatalli along with the other tribals, watch Jai Bhim on Amazon Prime.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director TJ.Gnanavel got inspired by the real-life incidents in Tamil Nadu and based on Chandru, the activist turned lawyer turned judge fought many cases on behalf of women, especially those from small towns, low-economic backgrounds, and marginalized communities. The story's narration starts in an emotional manner. Right from the manner in which police implicate Rajanna by torturing his family members, everything moves viewers emotionally. All the scenes in the first half leave people with pain and pondering about the future.

The second half is loaded with scenes involving courtroom arguments between Suriya, Rao Ramesh, and Prakash Raj. Each and every dialogue in the film is powerful and thought-provoking. TJ Gananvel's story is realistic, the screenplay is gripping and the direction is on the mark. Court drama and the scenes in it are at times cinematic and too many repetitions in between tested the patience of the viewers. However director mixed the court room scenes and police investigation to increase interest among movie lovers

Director TJ.Gnanavel got the best performance from Suriya. Suriya stuns all with his body language, mannerisms, and dialogues. He came with subtle and powerful expressions and his new look attracts all.

Rao Ramesh as an advocate showed different mannerisms and body language compared to his earlier films. Prakash Raj performed well as a police officer. Manikandan as Rajanna and Lijomel Jose as his wife Chinnatalli elevated the emotions with their performance. Rajisha Vijayan also came with a good performance.

Kathir with his cinematography portrayed the court scenes in a beautiful and gripping manner. He captured the scenic locations of Munnar in a captivating way. Sean Roldan's music and songs are situational. Even if songs are done away with it wouldn't have affected the flow of the story. The songs infact slowed the pace of the film.  He elevated the scenes with his background music. Philomen Raj's editing is good but could have been better as the narration is the slow pace. Production values are good.





Hard-hitting realistic scenes


Slow Pace

Editing at times

Lack of commercial elements

Rating Analysis

Suriya, who is choosing realistic films teamed with TJ.Gnanavel for Jai Bhim. He did full justice to the role of real-life Judge Chandru and came with a powerful take on the caste differences and how higherups oppress the lower caste people taking advantage of their closeness with the powers that be. Suriya must be complimented for selecting hard-hitting power-packed films to send a strong message to society and TJ . Gnanavel narrated the story in a gripping manner. Considering all these aspects, CJ goes with a 3 rating for Jai Bhim.


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