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Jaguar Review
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Jaguar Review, What’s Behind: Young boy Nikhil Gowda debuting as hero with story supplied by veteran Vijayendra Prasad, directed by Rajamouli’s protégé Mahadev made ‘Jaguar’ a special movie for Kannada and a section of Telugu audience. Let us get soon into actual review portion.

Jaguar Story: Movie takes off on bang with a Jaguar masked man murdering a corrupt lawyer (Ravi Kale) live telecasted on a TV channel owned by Shourya Prasad (Sampat Raj). Very soon CBI Officer (Jagapathi Babu) takes charge of the case. On other side young and energetic guy SS Krishna (Nikhil Gowda) joins Shanthi Medical College as student, makes an early impression with sincere and dedicated senior group leader Arya (Adarsh Balakrishna) and also falls for his sister Priya (Deepti Sati). Arya becomes a flesh in thorn raising voice against crimes committed by Hospital management and administration Shanthi Prasad (Aditya Menon) looting common people. Meanwhile, Jaguar is back into scene brutally killing Encounter Shankar (Supreet). 

Arya comes into central focus for all the crimes as SS Krishna joins Shourya Prasad and Shanthi Prasad with a motto. Who is actual Jaguar? Who is SS Krishna? How is humanitarian Dr. Vishwa Ramachandraiah (Rao Ramesh) and his wife (Ramya Krishna)’s flashback connected to SS Krishna? What is the action-revenge all about?

Jaguar Artists and Technicians: Fundamental story and writing from Vijayendra Prasad is full of out and out commercial masala. A plot revolving around corporate hospital crimes blended with action filled revenge, drama and youthful romance provided every scope for screenplay to pace up evenly. However, screenplay suffered badly with virtually nothing left to guess or excite. From very first frame, narration runs on known lines yet commercial elements, visual grandeur keep us hooked. Direction wise, Mahadev showed lots of command enterprising the standards of his mentor SS Rajamouli and of course the shades of VV Vinayak too. Moreover, a social message flowed in undercurrent made Mahadev’s direction appear special. 

Best man to win major credits is cameraman Manoj Paramahamsa. After ‘Race Gurram,’ these are the over whelming visuals with splendor and glory dispersed throughout. Hardly, we won’t find even a single frame loosely dealt. Songs, action scenes, hero or villain buildup shots, lighting, what not… Paramahamsa walks away with loads of appreciations with minute detailing. Ruben’s editing was jerky and inconsistent creating hurdles to the story flow. SS Thaman’s music sensed more impressive in songs with opulent picturization. Production standards from Channambika Creations are of the highest and unequalled quality.

Onto performances, Nikhil Gowda made a strong impression of mass hero with very first flick. Although average at looks, his dedication in sculpting the physique or flexible body movements in dances or ease at performing stunts is just blazing. Telugu voice dubbed for him was also apt. All in all, Nikhil made a profuse mark which many other first timers miss at. Deepti Sati is beautiful in bob haircut. She is at good ease with dances. Adarsh Balakrishna got a full length role and honest at his best. This film can be a game changer for his talent. Jagapathi Babu’s character lost the heat gradually. Sampat Raj and Aditya Menon showed graceful villainy. Rao Ramesh shined in flashback making the film more purposeful. Ramya Krishna showed her presence in climax. Avinash Yelandur as College Professor does a good job. Tamanna’s item song is just so-so. Brahamanandam is irksome failing to make us laugh. Rest may not need much mention.


Medical College Backdrop
Jaw Drop Production Standards
Nikhil Gowda


Beaten To Death Screenplay
No Comedy
Weak Second Half
Missing Directional Focus

Jaguar Rating Analysis: Jaguar got an interesting plot with rich production standards and marvelous casting. Poor screen writing fails to lift the beaten commercial line. Though Mahadev tried to bring life into every scene, his efforts go half baked with known, familiar treatment. He took proper care adding a generous thrill value here and there yet insufficient for a pucca mass masala flick to reach safe shores. Medical college backdrop is something novel and the way Bengaluru Electronic City is used for hospital, hostel setup assembled visuals on top notch. 

First half doesn’t take much time getting into actual story. With Jaguar face revealed early on, every move hero made joining medical college annexed with love story, college problems, corporate hospital crime indirectly pointed on a hidden goal behind him. Bringing a few untimely inspirational visuals of Rao Ramesh further killed the suspense. However, Mahadev tried to balance these drawbacks with a lavish throw of production. Right from first song to interval block on clock tower, there’s no drop in quality.

By the time second half kick starts, conflict is wide open. Brahmanandam’s entry proved totally troublesome. He played with patron patience. As things go uncontrolled, thus rolls out Rao Ramesh’s flashback story which had a solid punch. Towards the climax, well designed stunts and Ramya Krishna’s presence made an impact.

All in all, ‘Jaguar’ is for those who enjoy regular, commercial and mass masala treats. Nikhil Gowda’s hard work is visible all along. Manoj Paramahamsa camera work and Channambika banner production standards are eye catchy. Cinejosh goes for 2.5 stars waiting for Telugu audience to give their Box Office verdict.

Jaguar Cinejosh Verdict: Commercial Potboiler.

                                                         Jaguar Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                                 Reviewed by Srivaas

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