Jadoogadu Review

Jadoogadu Review
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Behind the Movie Jadoogadu: Milky boy Naga Shourya is into a mass avatar. He teamed up with director Yogi of ‘Chintakayala Ravi’ fame and Sonarika (Small Screen Parvathi) to bring this high dosed action product. Let us get into the review.

In the Movie Jadoogadu: Story kick starts with Krishna (Naga Shourya) moving to Hyderabad city with the only goal of earning Rs. 1 Crore. In his very first move, Krishna’s brave character falls in the eye of Local Don Srisailam (Zakhir Hussain) who works under Minister Naidu (Kota Srinivas Rao). Soon after joining the gang, Krishna develops rivalry with co-member Guntur Srinu (Ajay) leading to chaos. In the mean time, Naidu and Srisailam plan a 2000 Crore smuggling deal from Goa base with Krishna as its hidden head. On the other side, Police Commissioner (Ashish Vidyarthi) and sub-ordinate (Ravi Kale) are on a mission to run away with the same money. On hot romantic side, Krishna joins Parvathi (Sonarika) working as a Nurse and they two want to settle in Dubai. When the day comes for final execution of 2000 Crore deal, all three groups come into a big clash at Goa.

Values of the Movie Jadoogadu: For a film filled with plenty of action, story takes a back seat. It is shocking to see director like Yogesh who delivered a family entertainer ‘Chintakayala Ravi’ taking on a new action track. There is less of story and more of action filled heroism in this case. These kinds of films also need a sharp screenplay which misses here. Yogesh showed lots of efforts in dragging the fight sequences but without a core point to talk about, everything looks faulty. The overdose of heroism sprinkled on a budding hero is quite a mismatch from Yogesh. Despite made on a purely commercial format, movie misses in right soul. Narration is quite flat in both the halves. Only by the time of climax, he tied up all the loose ends. Writing is also not so effective. Music by Sagar Mahathi is so loud in Background and songs wise; ‘Gola Cheddame’ is my pick. Sai Sriram camera work gave a rich look for the film while MR Varma’s editing is also fine. Production values of VVN Prasad are top notch.

Coming to performances, it is too early for Naga Shourya to frame a mass image. He showed the needed body language and ruggedness in looks but there is still more of sincerity in living into the characterization is demanded. Stunts and dances, Shourya has the ease. New face Sonarika is too hot to handle in a plump look. She is quite well exploited in songs with three to four lip locks placed. Ajay is too good as a toy in the hands of hero with stylish appearance. It’s Ajay who twisted the climax in favor. Kota is at his usual best. Ravi Kale, Ashish Vidyarthi are apt as cunning crime cops. Zakhir Hussain villainy and inconsistent characterization left a pale shock. Among the rest Prabhas Srinu, Sapthagiri and others struck to their roles.

Out of the Movie Jadoogadu: This film can be seen as a hurried experiment on Naga Shourya’s budding image. A hero needs loads of experience in designing the mass stardom and the young hero has long way to go. Of course, he added solidarity to hero role but there is more scope for improvisation. At the same time, lack of comic entertainment is a setback for movie lovers. Excessive elements to appeal the action lovers also marred the flow. 

Flat narration with subdued hero character behaving erratically in both the halves is only validated with a big twist in climax which is of course too late by then. Spice factor in Sonarika, Shourya chemistry is a treat for front benchers. All in all, a further more strength in story and addition of more fun could have saved the day for producers. How far Naga Shourya’s face can enhance the commercial output of film has to be wait and seen.

Cinejosh Verdict: Feeble Action

                                                  Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                                       Reviewed by Srivaas

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