Ishq-Not A Love Story Review

Ishq-Not A Love Story Review
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Director: SS.Raju
Producer: NV.Prasad, Paras Jain, Vakada Anjan Kumar
Release Date: Fri 30th Jul 2021
Actors: Teja Sajja
Ishq Rating: 2/5 / 5
Ishq Punchline: Fails to reach the peak and ends as a huge risk.

What's Behind

Teja Sajja, Priya Varrier's romantic entertainer Ishq-Not a Love Story directed by SS.Raju is releasing on July 30th. The film's trailer and teaser increased the interest among people in love. The film is a remake of Malayalam hit Ishq and let us see how Ishq attracts viewers with its romantic flavors.

Story Review

Sidhu aka Siddharth (Teja Sajja) ahead of his sister's engagement informs his mother that he is in love with a beautiful girl Anu aka Anasuya (Priya Varrier). Sidhu decides to give a surprise to Anu and in her friend's car take her on a long drive on her birthday. On their way at night, they get stopped by Madhav (Ravindra Vijay) who poses as a cop at a nearby hospital. From then on they experience shocking twists and turns. How Sidhu and Anu's life changed completely after that incident and how Madhav is connected to it, find out watching Ishq-Not A Love Story on the silver screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

SS.Raju decided to give the Telugu feel to the Malayalam plot by remaking the film. The film's storyline is completely different and it is a small point and revolves around only three characters. SS. Raju goes into the real story with his slow narration. Only at the interval block, the real story starts. The second half is intense and generates interest among movie lovers. The story is a powerful take and the ending is strong and completely different but is in sync with the thoughts of the current generation. SS. Raju elevated the emotional angle perfectly but the lack of entertainment elements, comedy angle, and romantic elements puts off most of the sections of the people. Raju should have worked on the script and made it stronger before proceeding ahead with the remake. Instead, he used his creativity to include more vulgar dialogues and double-meaning dialogues in the remake.

Teja Sajja tried to do a different genre and he succeeded in his attempt. He portrayed different emotions like a happy youngster, a son in dilemma for his sister's engagement, and a helpless lover who is out to take revenge at the later part. However, he falters at the climax showing his different angle. Priya Varrier looked impressive in her looks and came with good emotions showcasing her suffering. Ravinder Vijay attracts as a wicked person with nefarious designs. He came with different expressions and dialogues in different scenes like in presence of his wife and in front of Priya Varrier.

Mahati Swara Sagar's song Anandam Madike is good and the background music is in sync with the story. The cinematography of Sam K Naidu is good and elevated the scenes. The editing of Vara Prasad could have been crispy especially in the first half. Production values are good.


Teja Sajja,Priya Prakash Varrier

Unique Story

Second half





First Half


Lack of entertainment

lack of romantic elements

Rating Analysis

SS.Raju stuck to the original Malayalam film Ishq and replicated even the entire screenplay. He in the process forgot that Telugu viewers turn impatient with the slow pace. The real story starts only after half an hour into the first half. The Interval block is interesting and increases interest and the second half picks up pace. Different climax appeals to few viewers. As true to the Malayalam films, the film talked subtly but powerfully showed male ego, feminism, moral policing, etc and it has to be seen how many takers are there in Tollywood for such bold concepts. To the top of it, people who watched the original, do not find anything new in it. Considering all these above points, CJ goes with a 2.0 rating for Ishq-Not A Love Story.


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