Ippudu Kaka Inkeppudu Review

Ippudu Kaka Inkeppudu Review
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Director: Y.Yugandhar
Producer: Gopalakrishna Reddy
Release Date: Fri 06th Aug 2021
Actors: Hashwant Vanga
Ippudu Kaka Inkeppudu Rating: 2.0/ / 5
Ippudu Kaka Inkeppudu Punchline: Tests patience but makes a romantic impact

What's Behind

Ippudu Kaka Inkeppudu directed by newcomer Y.Yugandhar has been hogging the media limelight for the youthful teaser and trailer which went viral on social media. The red hot romantic scenes and adult dialogues drove everyone crazy. Not to talk about the controversy generated over the use of a devotional song in a bedroom scene. the film starring Hashwant vanga, Namrata Darekar, and Katalyn Gowda is releasing on August 6, 2021, in a grand manner. Let us see what impression Ippudu Kaka Inkeppudu movie made on movie lovers.

Story Review

Parthasarathy (Tanikella Bharani) raises his son Gautam (Hashwant Vanga) in a tough and strict manner. He believes that if boys go to co-ed, they get spoiled so he sends him to boys' school and sees to that he doesn't meet any girl till he completes his education. Similarly, Anu (Namrata Darekar) is raised by her mom in such a way that she doesn't meet any boy till she completes her education.

Even after they get jobs, they ensure that they do not cross the lines drawn by them. Gautam and Anu who join as software engineers in different companies get all the freedom for the first time in their life. Anu realizes that Gautam happens to be her childhood crush. Both meet and they decide to date without any inhibitions and Anu sets a shocking condition as she introduces herself as Pallavi and Gautam introduce himself as Rishi. They will be in for a further shock when their parents arrange for their Pelli Chupulu. Where this leads to, what goes on in the minds and hearts of Anu aka Pallavi, Gautam aka Rishi and what connection Bharghavi (Katalyn Gowda), her Gautam's colleague (Pooja Ramachandran) has, forms the rest of the story.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Y.Yungandhar came with an interesting story. He starts off the narration in an interesting and entertaining manner. The first half goes off at a brisk pace with interesting youthful and romantic elements. Dialogues are youthful but at times crossed the thin redline. Though the interval bang is interesting, it looked silly. But enter the second half, the director seems to have lost his plot completely. The film becomes preachy and repetitive scenes ended up testing the patience of the movie lovers. A director who concentrated the entire first half including adult and bold scenes and double meaning dialogues decided to concentrate on highlighting the emotions in the second half. However, he overdid them so much that he dragged the proceedings completely. The pre-climax and climax seem to be unending making viewers turn impatient. The screenplay went for a toss in the second half and it became torture to watch the proceedings in the final stages.

Hashwant who made his debut with this film performed well. He brought in variations as a youngster who obeys his father and enjoys completely once he gets the freedom. He also emoted quite well in the difficult scenes. Namrata Darekar attracts with her performance. She showed no inhibitions in enacting the bold scenes and red hot liplocks. The chemistry between Hashwant and Namrata is the highlight of the film. Katalyn Gowda is good as Bhargavi guiding Anu. Pooja Ramachandran is attractive in her performance. Tanikella Bharani performed well as a tough father. He slipped into his role effortlessly. Raja Ravindra is good. Rocket Raghava evoked few laughs in the beginning but later became irritating.

Sahitya Sagar's music is youthful and foot-tapping. The first song is attractive and shot well in a beautiful manner. The lyrics are good and choreographed well. Other songs are also well-tuned and well shot. He made a good impact with the background music. He elevated the scenes with the BGM. Jemin Jom Ayyaneth with his cinematography beautified the film. He captured the locations in a scenic manner. The editing of Srikanth Patnaik could have been better especially in the second half. Production values are good.


Hashwant Vanga, Namrata Darekar's performance and chemistry



First half


Music, BGM


Second half

Dragged Climax

Repetitive scenes


Screenplay, direction

Rating Analysis

Yugandhar on debut tried to attract youth with a romantic entertainer Ippudu Kaka Inkeppudu. He generated interest with the raunchy teasers, trailers, and first look posters. He started the narration in a right earnest and highlighted how when undue restrictions impact children's lives and how they react when they get freedom. In order to attract youth, he included steamy scenes and dialogues and in due course crossed the thin red line. While he made a good impact in the first half, he completely shifted in the second half by trying to highlight and pay more importance to the heavily loaded emotions.  This impacted the film in a very bad manner. Had he toned down the emotions and also shortened the run time in the second half, he would have got the desired result. Considering all these aspects, CJ goes with a 2.0 rating for Ippudu Kaka Inkeppudu.


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