Inkosari Movie Review. First on net

Inkosari Movie Review. First on net
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Behind the Movie Inkosari: Major plus point for this movie to generate interest among the young breed of movie lovers is the technical team of ‘Vennela.’ Although Director Dev Katta of ‘Vennela’ fame was not handling the megaphone for this project, his protégé Suman Pathuri, the young lad along with his team of Raja, Richa Pallod, Manjari Phadnis, Ravi Varma, Saandip and ‘Vennela’ Kishore have been successful in keeping small hype for this movie. Let us see, was this hype for ‘Inkosari’ fruitful?

In the Movie Inkosari: Ajay (Raja), Shruthi (Manjari Phadnis), Deepa (Richa Pallod), Bala Bokkala (Vennela Kishore), Sudhakar Reddy (Ravi Varma) and Vicky (Saandip) are the best friends in an Engineering college. After their farewell party and before parting their ways, all the six take an oath to get reunited every year on the same day and at the same venue, that is farm house of Sudhakar Reddy. Years pass by and all of them are successful in their careers but none of them have the time to get together for the sake of their old friendship.

After 7 years, Ajay is back from USA and arrange the reunion of his old gang at the same venue. They are all set to cherish the old memories with in this outing of 7 days. Ajay and Shruthi are in love; Bala and Sudhakar Reddy are married but have problems in married lives; Vicky and Deepa are lovers during their college days but get separated for the sake of their parents and Deepa is married now.

What was the change that happened in their lives with in these 7 most happy days they spent together? How did they patch up their problems? Did Ajay and Shruthi win their love? Did Bala and Sudhakar Reddy learn anything to make their married lives cheerful? What happened to Deepa and Vicky? are to watched on silver screen.

Values of the Movie Inkosari: The concept of ‘reunion of old friends’ visualized by story writer Raj DK was innovative and appreciable. But Screenplay by Sita Menon was not able to lift the story to the expected heights of the movie. Including Direction by Suman Pathuri, everything went awry in this ‘Inkosari.’ Dialogues by Nagaraju Gandham almost saved the movie from a total wash out, while music from Mahesh Shankar looked to be of no soul, camera work by Ranganath Babu was of low standards and editing by KV Krishna Reddy was full of blunders. Production values of Kalyan Palla and eBay movies also looked to be of sub standard.

Performance wise, hero of the movie would be only and only ‘Vennela’ Kishore who spread good amount of positive energy into the movie. For every five minutes, he lifts the spirits of audience with his impeccable comic timing making us to wait for the next turn. Raja was just at his regular while Manjari Phadnis and Richa looked beautiful and sensitive. Ravi Varma has again done the justice for his role. Role of Vicky given to Singer Saandip looked to be a perfect fit for his body language. Remaining artists Gollapudi, Rao Ramesh, Saira Bhanu, Bharat, Sayyali Bhagat (Special appearance in first song) and Harish are just okay.

Out of the Movie Inkosari: Main theme of the movie is that, how would be your present life when you get back to your college days ‘Inkosari.’ The dull and pale look of the entire movie leaves a mark that ‘Inkosari’ was made on a low budget. With wonderful story in the hand, there was neither a gripping narration nor interesting performances from actors. It was Director’s inexperience which was clearly visible. Story runs through the lives of all the six characters, but finally doesn’t leave anything memorable for the viewer. Entire movie was shot in and around Visakhapatnam, but there was not even a single visual which captured the real scenic beauty of this port city. Except Vennela Kishore, there is nothing positive to mention about this movie. Somebody made a correct statement that, ‘Inkosari is more like a daily serial on Doordarshan.’ To its tag line, there was fun and there was friendship in this ‘Inkosari’ but there was none to fully load you.

Cinejosh verdict of the Movie Inkosari: Inkosari, all I can say is ‘Iam sorry.’

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