In Car Review

In Car Review
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Director: Harsh Warrdhan
Producer: Anjum Qureshi and Sajid Qureshi
Release Date: Fri 03rd Mar 2023
Actors: Ritika Singh, Manish Jhanjholia, Gyan Prakash, Sandeep Goyat and Sunil Soni
In Car Movie Rating: 1 / 5
Punchline: In Car - Bekaar

InCar (2023) Movie : What's Behind

Ritika Singh, boxer turned actor captured the imagination of all winning the national award for her performance in her debut film Saala Khadoos which was remade in Telugu as Guru. Many expected her to reach the next stage in stardom but she was seen in very few films. She is once again coming to entertain viewers with a Pan India thriller In Car. The film directed by Harsh Warrdhan released on 3 March 2023 in various languages. The film's OTT partner will be finalized in the coming days and streaming will be done after the completion of its theatrical run. Let us find out whether InCar twists excited viewers or not.

In Car movie : Story Review

In Car story is all about women's safety and how women become easy prowl to the criminals running amock everywhere. Young student, Sakshi (Ritika Singh) who waits for her bus to write an exam on the Machilipatnam National Highway, gets kidnapped by Richie (Manish Jhanjholia), his elder brother Yash (Richie Sandeep Goyat) and their uncle (Sunil Soni) who recently escapes from jail and decides to have fun. To find out how Sakshi tackles the situation, watch InCar on the screen.

In Car movie : Artists Review

Ritika Singh tried her best to lift the film with her performance. She showed her ordeal in a natural and realistic manner. She is good in the climax scenes. There are many unknown faces as the makers tried to attract viewers at the national level. Manish Jhanjholia, Gyan Prakash, Sandeep Goyat, and Sunil Soni performed according to their roles. While most of their character arcs are routine, Ritika Singh got nothing much to except to sob and moan throughout the film. Viewers are left to wonder why Ritika Singh did not even try to fight and instead submit meekly to them asking them to rape her but not ditch her in a lonely place.

In Car movie : Technicians Review

InCar story readied by Harsh Warrdhan tried to highlight the ordeals faced by women in a powerful manner and give a message to society and the criminals. However, Harsh Warrdhan failed completely in his attempt. Many such stories came earlier and the story offered nothing new. With no real strength in the story, he dragged the narration testing the patience of the viewers. Much to the surprise of all, Harsh Warrdhan showed Ritika Singh's character as quite weak and only has semblances of strength.

The dialogues are ordinary but the writers went overboard and used cuss words extensively. One wonders what the Censor Board is doing so and why it did not object to those obscene and cuss words. Harsh Warrdhan failed with his story, screenplay, and direction. With a wafer-thin story, he failed to narrate in an interesting manner. The screenplay tests the patience of the viewers while he failed with his direction.

Mithun Gangopadhyay's cinematography is better compared to other departments. Mathias Duplessy's music is just average and his background score also failed to make an impact. The editing of Manik Diwar left a lot to be desired.

In Car movie : Advantages

  • Cinematography

In Car movie : Disadvantages

  • Weak Screenplay
  • Missing Thrills
  • Boring Narration

In Car (2023) movie : Rating Analysis

Altogether, In Car movie failed to make any impact. Incar starring Ritika Singh and directed by Harsh Warrdhan which was released after it created a good buzz, Couldn't show any effect. Ritika Singh's hard work did not help the film as her character turned out to be weak and viewers are left to wonder why she signed the film in the first place. Harsh Warrdhan as a director tried to thrill viewers with the roadside survival story but instead ended up increasing the misery of the viewers with his story, screenplay, and direction. Harsh Warrdhan must have believed that extensive usage of cuss and obscene words would do wonders but it instead won the wrath of the viewers. After watching In Car people say in Hindi 'Inkaar' (Reject). Considering all these aspects, Cinejosh goes with a 1 rating for In Car.

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