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Hyper Review
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Hyper Review, What’s Behind: Energetic Star Ram is on high as his last flick ‘Nenu Shailaja’ was a hit. Again he is back to complete mass track with ‘Hyper’ in Santosh Srinivas direction, produced by 14 Reels. Let us see, how powerful is this Hyper?

Hyper Story: Surya (Ram), a dynamic young guy loves his father Narayana Murthy (Sathya Raj) more than his own life. This love for his father gets him into confrontation with local rowdy Gaja (Murali Sharma). However, local minister Rajappa (Rao Ramesh) is the man behind creating problems to Murthy and his family. How an illegal construction belonging to corrupt Rajappa and sincere, honest Municipal Town Planning Officer Narayana Murthy became bone of contention and how Surya solved the problem is rest.

Hyper Artists and Technicians: As a story, this belongs to bygone era where a son fights for values and his love for father encircled by commercial elements. Santosh Srinivas had plenty of inspirations in penning this story. Everywhere it’s full of clichéd material and unenthusiastic screenplay. Any amateur cinemagoer can predict on what’s going to happen next. Never Santosh strived to add a novel touch. Direction wise, Santosh Srinivas handled the father-son emotional bond beautifully while the rest is an average fare because he is habituated to project Ram’s hyper heroism which actually dominated the show, just like ‘Kandireega.’ Dialogue writing department from Abburi Ravi left a mark with few high valued sentimental lines. Sameer Reddy’s camera work is of pretty common standards touring Vizag as he followed purely traditional blocks mandatory for a mass masala film. Editing by Goutham Raju is also just average. Ghibran’s main musical score for songs is below average while Mani Sharma’s BGM stood noticeable. Fight compositions are also nothing extra ordinary. Production standards from 14 Reels banner are above average.

Onto performance, the protagonist characterization is like icing on cake for Ram. He tried to enhance the overall impact by spilling energy continuously throughout the run. Time again, Ram showed a strong affinity for mass entertainers which can’t be taken fully for granted. His chocolate boy looks surely dampen action. Rashi Khanna is into a boring romantic track oozing loads of skin. She is more often called in for the sake of glamour, songs and nothing more. Sathya Raj’s stature aptly matched to honest government employee. One episode of his encounter with Rao Ramesh in Municipal office was goose bumps. At times, Sathya Raj’s father role appeared shallow and below par in depth before Ram’s athletic screen presence. Rao Ramesh’s dialogue delivery style blended with a typical accent was good in elevating the villainy. Murali Sharma is surely a performer. Thulasi, Pavani, Posani, Hema, Fish Venkat, Praveen and others were just ok.


Ram Energy

Rashi Khanna Glamour

Father-Son Bonding

Commercial Elements


Poor Screenplay

Cliché Treatment

Ghibran Music

Lack of Comedy

Weakly Dealt Conflict

Regressive Romantic Track

Pre Climax, Climax

Hyper Rating Analysis: To put it on face, ‘Hyper’ is absolutely an unoriginal flick with plenty of stuff strongly simulated from ‘Race Gurram, Tupaki, Jakkanna’ and others. As a creator, Santosh Srinivas tried to emulate the emotional strength and commercial action bracketing on a list of safe blockbuster formulae. More than a family recipe, ‘Hyper’ is prejudiced on a delicate father-son bond. However, Santosh had no big logic to establish this durability. In parallel, there are no strong conflicts to raise the bar which made movie handicapped, though Ram-Rao Ramesh-Sathya Raj conflict isn’t so engrossing.

Hyper takes off on a pretty methodical mark. Birth of Ram and a proud father Sathya Raj institute the overall canvass which never heightens later on. Ram’s characterization goes on a treat before Rashi Khanna’s entry. As soon as romantic track comes to the fore, it gets boring all the way. In parallel, Ram-Murali Sharma thread goes for a tumult. Rao Ramesh makes a profuse mark initially but went feeble later on. Interval block kidnapping Ram and following action scenes were of high voltage.

Second half is an open lock. How Ram takes on Rao Ramesh, in between the drama between Ram, Sathya Raj along with entry of Suman make it a regular pattern storytelling. The valor needed for Ram to take the final blow at villain was a mere ritual with a bit of brain and muscle. Pre climax and climax aren’t earth shattering. 

Overall, ‘Hyper’ is for those audience who enjoy regular commercial potboilers with a rotten story and beaten to the death screenplay. In the name of commercial elements, Ram and Santosh Srinivas tried every safe abstract available before them. Commercially, ‘Hyper’ might be a safe project if connected with B, C centers. CJ goes for 2.75 stars waiting for overall commercial verdict because Dasara holidays are on.

Hyper Cinejosh Verdict: Only For Dad, Rest Is Bad!

                                                             Hyper Cinejosh Rating: 2.75/5.0

                                                                                                   Reviewed by Srivaas

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