HIT The Second Case Review

HIT The Second Case Review
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Director: Sailesh Kolanu
Producer: Nani, Prashanti Tipirneni
Release Date: Fri 02nd Dec 2022
Actors: Adivi Sesh
HIT: The Second Case Movie Rating: 3 / 5
Punchline: HIT: The Second Case - Thrilling Showcase

What's Behind HIT 2

Adivi Sesh's crime thriller HIT-The Second Case, the sequel to HIT-The First Case is releasing on December 2. The HIT franchise turned bigger with the association of Nani and director Sailesh Kolanu turning the franchise into HIT Universe. The teasers and trailers increased the curiosity levels and triggered speculation as to who could be the killer. The film's digital streaming rights have been bagged for a fancy sum by Amazon Prime Video. The OTT streaming will be done once HIT: The Second Case finishes the theatrical run. Let us find out whether HIT-The Second Case lived up to the expectations with the spine-chilling elements.

HIT: The Second Case Story Review

HIT: The Second Case story is all about a psychopath on a killing spree and how a diligent cop tries to nab him when the entire police force is on the run with question marks raised over their efficiency. SP KD aka Krishna Dev (Adivi Sesh) in Visakhapatnam prides himself as the cop who can solve all murder mysteries. But he faces a tough challenge when Vizag is rocked with a mysterious and brutal murder of Sanjana. On Investigation, he finds shocking revelations. Where this leads to how his girlfriend Aarya (Meenakshi Chaudhary), subordinates Varsha (Komalee Prasad), Abilash (Maganti Srinath), DGP Nageswara Rao (Rao Ramesh), journalist (Posani Krishna Murali), Homicide Intervention Team Hyderabad boss (Srikanth Iyengar), Ram Prasad (Harshavardhan) are connected to it, should be unraveled on the screen. Director successfully ensured that HIT2 villain's identity is not revealed till the end.

HIT 2 Artists, Technicians Review

HIT:  The Second Case story penned by Sailesh Kolanu is the continuation of his murder mystery HIT-The First Case. He continued from where he left off and showed that he meant business. The story starts in a slow manner establishing a few interesting developments before Adivi Sesh is introduced and then his character has been highlighted. Once the brutal murder is shown, the pace picks up the pace and from then on, the narration goes on at a supersonic pace.

Sailesh Kolanu carried the second half in a similar way with twists and turns in the runup to the climax. He tried to erase the loopholes that many complained about in HIT-The First case and most of the time, he emerged successful. The climax has shock elements but those who watch crime thrillers will find it nothing new. Overall, Sailesh Kolanu emerged successful in satisfying the lovers of crime thrillers largely by showing Vishwak Sen from HIT-The First Case in between and also ending HIT-The Second Case, showing Nani as the officer who takes charge of HIT-The Third Case. Director by revealing that Nani will be the protagonist in HIT 3, managed to create more hype on the HIT Universe.. The way Nani is introduced evoked huge applause from the viewers.

Sailesh Kolanu turned his screenplay racy and he followed the well-known directorial format popular for thriller and murder mystery genres. There is no dip in the narration and he unraveled each and every twist in a meticulous way. The interval bang is good and made an impact.

Adivi Sesh played the role effortlessly. He showed the right kind of feelings when he went wrong and at the same time while investigating the case quite confidently. He also showed apt body language as the caring and honest cop trying to find the real culprit and at the same time save the innocent from getting punished. Adivi Sesh looked suave and stylish. But during the climax and in a few scenes, he failed to elevate the scenes to another level. He should have shown more menacing and ruthless looks like Vishwak Sen when it mattered.

Meenakshi Chaudhary got limited scope to perform. She did it well and oozed with glamor in sarees and a couple of songs. Meenakshi got just another role in her career and she should wait for her turn to show her talent. Rao Ramesh played the role of a serious boss who means business even if it is wrong. He is apt for his role. Komalee Prasad is good as Adivi Sesh's assistant. Others like Posani Krishna Murali and Tanikella Bharani performed according to their roles. Vishwak Sen's scene from HIT 1, included by the makers wowed the viewers. It drew good applause from movie lovers as Vishwak Sen made a traffic impact. The way Natural Star Nani led the way to the HIT-The Third Case as officer Arjun is good.

John Stewart Eduri made a stunning impact with his background music. His background score thumped the heartbeat of the viewers and took the viewers into the story keeping them glued to the screens. The cinematography of S.Manikandan is realistic and gave a natural feel to the narration. Editing of BH. Garry is good and he ensured that the pace of the film isn't impacted in any manner.

HIT 2 Movie Advantages

  • Adivi Sesh
  • Racy Narration
  • BGM
  • Cinematography

HIT 2 Movie Disadvantages

  • Missing Suspense
  • Predictability

HIT: The Second Case Rating Analysis

Altogether, HIT: The Second Case is succeded in reaching the expectations of the audience. HIT 2 is an Thilling showcase directed by Sailesh Kolanu generated immense interest as it happens to be the sequel to HIT-The First Case. With Adivi Sesh being the protagonist and Nani entering the project, the scope increased and so too did the expectations. Sailesh Kolanu's HIT-The Second Case story has all the suspense elements that a crime thriller should have and the investigation is shown in an interesting way. But for all the hard work and dedication and the optimum output from the film unit, Sailesh Kolanu, Adivi Sesh and Nani failed to stun the movie lovers with the revelations in the end. Had they undid the few predictable elements and routine way of the investigation process and fine-tuned the script showing out-of-the-box elements giving a wow feel, HIT-The Second Case would have taken off to new heights. Altogether HIT-The Second Case is an interesting crime thriller. Taking into consideration all these points, Cinejosh goes with a 3 rating for HIT-The Second Case.

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