HIT Review

HIT Review
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Director: Sailesh Kolanu
Producer: Nani, Prashanti
Release Date: Fri 28th Feb 2020
Actors: Vishwak Sen
HIT Rating: 2.5 / 5
HIT Punchline: Missed Final Target By A Whisker

HIT Review, What’s Behind?

Nani’s maiden production venture Awe won critical acclaims besides becoming a commercial hit. Introducing Sailesh Kolanu as director, Nani cast Vishwak Sen and Ruhani Sharma as lead pair for Hit which is his second production. Will Nani hit jackpot for the second time? Will this film provide much needed HIT for Vishwak Sen?

HIT Story Review:

Suffering from psychological disorder owing to his personal loss, investigative officer Vikram aka Vikky (Vishwak Sen) working in HIT (Homicide Investigation Team) is suggested to take break from work. In this course, his girlfriend Neha (Ruhani Sharma) goes missing. He comes back to work to notice similarities in Neha’s missing case with another girl Preethi’s kidnap case? What’s the link between Preethi and Neha? What’s the motive behind kidnaps and who’s behind them? What’s the backstory of Vikky?

HIT Artists, Technicians Review:

Debutante Sailesh Kolanu seems to have done extensive research while working on the script. The investigation process appears very authentic, though gives boredom because of slow narration. How the department deals with kidnap and murder cases right from finding bodies to discovering clues to investigating suspects and finally catching the criminal with all the evidences they gather are clearly presented and explained. The problem here is far more scope is given to core investigation process and enough time is wasted on suspicious elements than that of dealing the core story. And the rationale behind crimes will surely disappoint after so much of suspense that is built till the pre-climax portion. Sailesh Kolanu, however, wins brownie points just for his wonderful taking.

The film is technically well made with effective background score by Vivek Sagar and stylish editing by Garry BH. But, the film needed several cuts from the investigation chase. Mani Kandan’s brilliant camera work is one of the invaluable assets. Production values of Wall Poster Cinema are perfect for the film in the genre.

Onto performances, it’s a tailor-made role for Vishwak Sen who’s seen intense all the time. The character needed him to go extremes all the times and he comes up with convincing performance. Ruhani Sharma’s role is brief. Bhanu Chander is apt as Vishwak’s superior and the one who played Vishwak’s junior is good. Hari Teja didn’t look substantial which had scope for her to perform. It’s a wasted opportunity for her. Murali Sharma is good. Others played their parts.

HIT Review Advantages:

First Half




Vishwak Sen

HIT Review Drawbacks:

Slow Narration

Back Story Of Criminal

Lack Of Commercial Ingredients

HIT Review, Rating Analysis:

Like how important it is to engage the audience till the criminal identity is unveiled, it is equally important to amaze us with the back story or the motive of the criminal. Somehow, HIT is engaging till a point with freshness in investigation. But, the same investigation brings tedium after a point because of so many suspicious elements. Even the back story of the criminal will not astonish us.

The very beginning, Vishwak Sen’s post-stress trauma and the reason behind it are shown. This will haunt Vishwak as well as viewers whenever gruesome incident happens in the narration. The first two cases are meant to show intelligence of the protagonist in his perspective in cracking each crime. Things turn interesting when Vishwak takes up a missing case. Modus operandi in dealing such cases is shown precisely. Interval episode makes us curious to know about the dead body found in a guest house.

The latter half begins on a tedious note with things move at snail’s pace, Vishwak Sen started doubting all the suspects and grilling them one after the other. Then, another kidnap attempt leads to catch the criminal which doesn’t really look convincing. The back story is the biggest disappointment. Movie ends hinting about part 2 of the film. Apparently, it’s back story of Vishwak, why he’s leading such stressful life and who’s behind it?

All in all, HIT is not an intriguing thriller one would expect from Nani’s production banner. Of course, all the lead cast came up with wonderful performances, especially Vishwak Sen is exceptional and the technical team also gave their best to make up some mistakes. Better screenplay in second half with a remarkable back story would have made this a taut thriller. CJ goes with 2.5 star rating and the film hardly has chances to shine at box office.


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