Hippi Review

Hippi Review
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Director: TN Krishna
Producer: Kalaipuli S Thanu
Release Date: Thu 06th Jun 2019
Actors: Kartikeya
Hippi Rating: 2.0 / 5
Hippi Punchline: Hippi... Just Skippy

Hippi Review, What’s Behind?

Kartikeya desperately wants to prove that he is not a one film wonder post huge success of RX100. He interestingly picked a film with bold content for his second as well. Will he score another hit or skip the Hippi?

Hippi Story Review:

Devadas aka Hippi (Kartikeya), a fun loving guy who for no purpose maintains love relationship with girl Sneha (Jazba Singh) who too finds no reason to be in love. Meanwhile, Hippi gets attracted to Sneha’s close friend Amuktha Malyada (Digangana Suryavanshi), a sensible girl. Hippi loses mental peace, when they both opt for live-in relationship. However, silly fights lead to break-up. How they reunite forms crux of the story and what's the role of Hippi's boss (JD) is the rest.

Hippi Artists, Technicians Review:

Hippi is a poorly written regular modern day love story. Two members of opposite gender with different mindsets, love-breakup-love narrated with bold scenes wherein each character talks about sex as if it is so simple on terms and execution. Double meaning stuff is everywhere which might apparently connect with the youth, B and C centres to an extent. While the first half of the film filled with romance, bit of fun and action... run of the mill, the second half is also disgusting except for few portions such as pre-climax episodes.

Problem with Hippi is, its highly predictable and has no soul needed for a love story. Wafer-thin plot and too many issues with screenplay played spoilsport though director tried hard to pull off some masala. The fresh fragrance required in love track is absolutely missed. Nivas K Prasanna’s songs aren’t interesting though background score offered support to the rather pale story and weak narrative. RD Rajasekhar's cinematography is good and couple of action episodes are decently choreographed though lack the situational presentation. Production Values of V Creations are rich.

Onto artists, Karthikeya appeared in a different avatar. He looked pretty normal, goes over the board at times. Having good physique alone cannot save the face when character lost its sheen and purpose. Digangana Suryavanshi looked glamorously hot at oomph, played her role subtly. JD Chakravarthy’s Telangana slang looked forcible and Vennela Kishore failed to tickle funny bones. Jazba Singh oozed oomph, isn’t striking. Shraddha Das sizzled in a special song and Brahmaji was funny at times.

Hippi Review Advantages:

Few Bits Here n There

Heroines Glamour

Hippi Review Drawbacks:




Love Track

Double Meaning Dialogues


Hippi Review, Rating Analysis:

Director TN Krishna tried to explain us the positives and negatives in a romantic relationship. He had a philosophy in thought, every now and then puts a pause to the narration and educates us on different types of love, side effects through the protagonist’s character which totally misfired. Although the film has few elements for youth, it doesn't engage beyond a point.

First half opens on Kartikeya trying to commit suicide, explaining the reasons for this extreme decision. Folks, it's not as serious as you thought. Here begins the romantic track between the lead pair devoid of chemistry and freshness. JD Chakravarthy, Vennela Kishore fail to bring any relief. Kartikeya’s first love story with Jazba Singh said in flashback is mind-numbing. Interval is also not bang on as Digangana forces him to shave his hair so as to accept his love proposal. Such a stupid knock.

Latter half went hollow due to lack of substance and becomes more tedious watch. Vennela Kishore, JD turn extra burden, when proceedings go pathetic. Routine stuff of Digangana troubling Kartikeya with lavish demands is again irksome. Fortunately, the pre-climax episode of Kartikeya and Digangana’s fight in the house brings some relief. Movie ends on known note with the couple clearing air.

RX 100's craze is heavily promoted here. Unfortunately, Hippi missed on basic content is no match to hero's first best attempt. Ordinary story, monotonous narration and foolish scenes will test our patience levels. CJ goes with 2 stars and the film is expected to join the long list of flops in this summer.

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