Hero Review

Hero Review
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Director: Sriram Aditya
Producer: Padmavathi Galla
Release Date: Sat 15th Jan 2022
Actors: Galla Ashok
Hero Rating: 2.75 / 5
Hero Punchline: Hilarious Arrow lacks the Fire Power.

What's Behind

Super Star Krishna's grandson, Mahesh Babu's nephew, Guntur MP Galla Jayadev's son Galla Ashok is making his debut with Hero. The film directed by Sriram Aditya released today on 15 January 2022. Let us see how Hero fared at the box office.

Story Review

Arjun (Galla Ashok) dreams of becoming a film star and he works relentlessly to achieve his ambition. He is in love with beautiful girl Subbu aka Subhadra (Nidhi Agerwal). In his pursuit to become a film star, he gets a huge shock. To find out more about it and whether he is able to realize his dream of becoming the film star and what is the connection to Arjun's father (Naresh), Subbu's father (Jagapathi Babu), SI Ajay (Ajay). Mumbai Underworld don Salim Bhai (Ravi Kishan) and top film star (Brahmaji), watch Hero on screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Sriram Aditya tried to elevate Galla Ashok's heroism on debut in a hilarious, thriller entertainer. He started the narration showing a middle-class youngster dreaming of becoming an actor and then his life landing in a problem by the twist of events. The first half passes off at a decent pace though dragged at times with youthful, romantic elements. the thrilling twist during the interval generates interest. The second half starts in an interesting manner but interest and intensity soon fizzle out. However, Sriram Aditya tried to make up for the lost ground with hilarious and comedy scenes during the pre-climax and climax scenes. Sriram Aditya could have done well had he turned the story and screenplay, even more, tighter and more logical. The story turned out to be too simple except for one twist and once that is revealed it turned out to be a tedious journey.

Galla Ashok looked stylish and handsome. He is ok in his screen presence. He looked energetic on-screen and danced and did stunts well. He should however improve on his expressions. He has taken a back seat at times letting others elevate the scenes. Nidhi Agerwal got a limited screen presence and attracted by her hot looks and glamor treat.

Jagapathi Babu is ok in the role of Nidhi Agerwal's father. Ravi Kishan overdid his role at times. Naresh acted well and Brahmaji, Vennela Kishore, and director Anil Ravipudi who appeared in a cameo evoked a few laughs. Kausalya, Sukanya, Archana Ananth and others performed accordingly.

The tunes composed for songs by Gibhran are ok. Background music is good. The cinematography of Richard Prasad, Sameer Reddy made the film colorful. Prawin Pudi's editing could have been better as there are repetitive scenes that slowed the pace of the film. Production values are good.


Few comedy scenes

Pre climax



Weak Story

Lack of real twists and turns

Slow pace


Rating Analysis

Galla Ashok's debut film Hero generated immense interest as he happened to be the superstar Krishna's grandson and is the son of Guntur MP Galla Jayadev and nephew of Super Star Mahesh Babu. Sriram Aditya showed him in a stylish manner and he tried to entertain all sections of movie lovers and fans by referring to the songs and dialogues of top Tollywood stars. Galla Ashok doesn't get the entire screen presence and it is a bold decision as Sriram Aditya tried to power newcomer Ashok's heroism with the help of a cameo from Anil Ravipudi and hilarious scenes of Naresh and Brahmaji. Those worked quite well but with a lack of real twists and turns in the story and missing emotional connection, the romantic angle, average script, screenplay, and direction, firepower went missing. Considering all these points, CJ goes with a 2.75 rating for Hero.


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