Hello World Web Series Review

Hello World Web Series Review
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Director: Siva Sai Vardhan Jal
Producer: Niharika Konidela
Release Date: Fri 12th Aug 2022
Actors: Aryan Rajesh
Hello World Rating: 2.25 / 5
Hello World Punchline: Exciting Corporate World.

What's Behind

Mega daughter Niharika Konidela is coming up with an interesting web series. Her latest web series Hello World is generating immense interest. Hello World starring Aryaan Rajesh under Siva sai Vardhan started streaming on ZEE5 on August 12. Let us see what Hello World offered to movie lovers,

Story Review

Hello World is all about eight youngsters from different backgrounds landing in a lucrative IT job. However, they get a shock in their life when they come to know that they are just temporary employees. How their relations and equations get affected during their training program and how Raghav (Aryan Rajesh), Prarthana (Sadaa), and Debashish (Ravi Varma) are connected to them, find out watching Hello World on ZEE 5.

Artists, Technicians Review

Aryan Rajesh and Sadaa performed well as the corporate trainers. Actors like Ram Nitin and Nikhil Simha performed well and could have done even better. Sudharsan Govind is ok while  Geela Anil got excited and overdid his job at times.Nitya Shetty, Snehal Kamat, Apoorva Rao, and Nayan Karishma, and others despite getting a limited screen presence performed well. Jaya Prakash got an inconsequential role. Ravi Varma's role prevented him from showing variations in his expressions.

Sivasai Vardhan Jaladanki came up with an interesting novel storyline. All the youngsters get connected to the premise as everyone would have passed through the same situation while getting hired and experienced similar politics and rivalries in their professions. There are 8 episodes in the web series and it starts off on a slow note introducing all the characters and their backgrounds in a simple manner. This may not excite many in the beginning but into the story, as the narration picks up pace, viewers get glued. the first couple of episodes are just average till the youngsters enter the corporate world. From then on the next five episodes excites viewers.

Viewers may remember similar stories earlier but since such plots are quite rare in Telugu, people will start getting interested. However, the director is in his quest to give a realistic feel of the IT atmosphere and the corporate mindset, making extensive use of technical jargon. This may put off commoners. There are many cinematic liberties and at times logic went for a toss.

Edurolu Raju's cinematography captured the scenes giving the posh corporate feel in a beautiful way. Dandi's music is good and his background music is in sync with the storyline. Praveen Pudi's editing is good. Production values are good.


Interesting Story




Extensive usage of technical terms

Illogical scenes


Rating Analysis

Hello World has an interesting story and all the actors performed according to their roles. However for the lack of real excitement, the way the director Siva Sai Vardhan presented and highlighted the corporate blues connect chords. Considering these elements, CJ goes with a 2.25 rating for the web series.

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