Heads and Tales Review

Heads and Tales Review
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Director: Sai Krishna Enreddy
Producer: Pradeep Angirekula, Ramya Chowdary
Release Date: Fri 22nd Oct 2021
Actors: Sunil
Heads and Tales Rating: 2 / 5
Heads and Tales Punchline: No Highs only Lows.

What's Behind

Heads & Tals directed by Sai Krishna Enreddy generated interest with a gripping teaser and trailer. The presence of Sunil gained the attention of all. The film is streaming on ZEE 5 from today and let us see what is in store.

Story Review

Almighty (Sunil) starts narrating an interesting tale of three girls to a reporter (Raghuram). Following the mistake committed by her husband a waiter, who breaks a glass in a restaurant, Police Constable Alimelumanga (DivyaSripada) finds herself in dire need of money. There she finds an aspiring actress Anisha (Sri Divya) who waits to lodge a complaint against her would be who threatens her with an acid attack if she does a prostitute role. Even as they try to wriggle out of their problems in a single night, they come into contact with another girl in trouble Shruti (Chandini Rao). To find out whether they are able to solve their problems, watch Heads & Tales on ZEE 5.

Artists, Technicians review

Debutante Sai Krishna tried to impress movie lovers with different styles of taking by creating interest. The narration starts in a simple manner and interest increases after the girl's problems are highlighted. The narration is normal except for a few twists in the end. Director tried to do full justice to the simple story provided by Sandeep Raj. He tried to highlight the human emotions and the relationships between various couples and how the problems of others look small. Sandeep Raj in his story elevated the human emotions and importance of relations without turning out to be too preachy. Dialogues are good however they went overboard. Writing could have been far better. Director has taken too many liberties and left many loose ends. The conflict point is not established properly and the three stories of the women did not get the common point.

Divya Sripada made an impression with her performance. She got the important role and did full justice to her role as a constable facing tensions in her personal and married life. She came with good expressions and emotions. Later Sri Vidya got a good screen presence. She performed well in her role. Sunil entertained in a cameo while Raghuram, Chandini Rao, Tarun performed well. Suhas appeared in a cameo but his talent is completely wasted.

Mani Sharma elevated the scenes with his BGM. Venkat R Shakamuri's cinematography is good. The editing of Kodati Pawan Kalyan could have been better as the narration turned out to be slow. Production values are good.



Divya Sripada



Slow pace

Missing conflict and connect

Rating Analysis

Viewers got excited when Color Photo fame Sandeep Raj penned the story for Heads & Tales. For all the interest generated, the director tried to do full justice to the simple story. However, Sai Krishna for around one hour did not hurry the proceedings and in the end, he hurried it completely disappointing everyone. He should have come with a middle path balancing and highlighting the emotions connecting all the loose ends for better impact. Weak writing, simple story, and average screenplay and direction undid the good intention. Considering all these aspects, CJ goes with a 2 rating for Heads & Tales.


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