Happy Wedding Review

Happy Wedding Review
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Director: Lakshman Karya
Producer: UV Creations & Pocket Cinema
Release Date: Sat 28th Jul 2018
Actors: Sumanth Ashwin
Happy Wedding Rating: 2.25 / 5
Happy Wedding Punchline: TV Serial Cinema

Happy Wedding Review, What’s Behind:

UV Creations is one of the highly successful production houses in Tollywood known for making medium to high budget entertainers. Happy Wedding apparently is a low budget film from the production banner so far. Sumanth Ashwin who is waiting for a break teamed up with Niharika who too is waiting to score her first hit. Let’s see whether Happy Wedding will bring happiness to their careers…

Happy Wedding Story Review:

Anand (Sumanth Ashwin) is deeply and madly in love with Akshara (Niharika). They are poles apart in nature. While Anand is extra caring and takes everything lightly, Akshara is a confused, indecisive individual. Things go smooth and even parents of both give nod for marriage. Nonetheless, a small misunderstanding leads Akshara to rethink about her decision to marry Anand and also a patch up with her former boyfriend Vijay (Shankar Raja). Still, Anand makes all the efforts to convince Akshara. Whom she finally accepts as her life partner forms crux of the story and a triumph for true love…

Happy Wedding Artists, Technicians Review:

UV Creations never failed to entertain audience with their films. Although few of their films ended as commercially unsuccessful owing to high investments, they always tried to come up with engaging scripts. Seems like, they have made a wrong decision choosing this shallow script. Happy Wedding is definitely a poor film. Debutant director Lakshman Karya is undoubtedly a good writer but when it comes to execution he fell flat. His narrative skills are so weak that we hardly find any exciting element throughout. Except repetition of same confusive element in Niharika, never there was a scope to go beyond in developing the conflict. This made the entire storytelling process so tedious, boring restricting within. At the same time, family subjects demand more of humor and Happy Wedding is dried up in this aspect too. Shakthikanth Karthick provided decent album while SS Thaman tried his best to give life to lifeless scenes with his mesmeric BGM. Cinematography by Bal Reddy is vivid and pictures were gleeful. Editing was also loose. Production values of UV Creations are as usual good despite there are no big outdoor locations except two houses.

Onto artists, Sumanth Ashwin is still performing like a newcomer though he acted in good in few parts. He is most of the times seen jumping or smiling for no reason and irrespective of mood in the scene. Niharika Konidela has shown betterment but mood off all the time just like Oka Manasu. Shankar Raja is decent in a brief role. Naresh, Murali Sharma, Pavitra Lokesh and Tulasi are routine but are true lifelines. Indraja has got good role and couldn’t pull off convincingly. Other artists are okay.

Happy Wedding Review Advantages:


Few Dialogues

Happy Wedding Review Drawbacks:



Lead Actors Performances


Lack Of Fun Elements

Romantic Track

Happy Wedding Review Rating Analysis:

Happy Wedding title designates that the film is going to be a pure family entertainer with feel good elements and a message about marriages or family bonding. If you are of same opinion on Happy Wedding, you will change it after watching this film. Although storyline was interesting, screenplay and direction played spoilsport, letting down the time.

Happy Wedding takes off on dull note with family members of Anand unnecessarily boasting him as most positive person. However, a shocking revelation takes the narrative back to 6 months when Anand was enjoying the company of his girlfriend cum fiancée Akshara, a confused girl who can’t even stick to her decision for a while. Like a usual boyfriend, Anand too pampers Akshara on every occasion, until their parents give green signal for marriage. Niharika is a true replica of many girls in present generation who  have no idea on what they are. Whatsoever, Anand suddenly starts behaving odd like he has other priorities and this is truly unrealistic, illogical. Akshara who can’t even wait for few minutes for her fiancé to pick her up takes a serious decision regarding marriage and that’s interval when her first love Vijay too joins the game.

Second half too begins on poor note. Anand once again becomes over caring and his only assignment now is to convince Akshara for marriage. However, Akshara just keeps him waiting. There are many scenes in second half which hint about their patch-up but nothing convinces Akshara though family members from both sides join the silly drama. She accepts to attend a family function, goes for shopping and even prepares for marriage but never expresses disinterest in marrying Anand. This confused girl changes her mind suddenly just before climax and reason is unconvincing again. Finally, movie ends on happy note. 

All in all, Happy Wedding hardly has zero entertaining elements. It would have been a super success product if made as a TV serial or web series. But, they committed a mistake like we audience by making this paper-thin story into a feature film. CJ goes with 2.25 rating for snail narration. We recommend to skip this film if you are not a soap opera watcher.

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