Happy Happyga Movie Review

Happy Happyga Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Happy Happyga: Young hero Varun Sandesh after delivering hits of his life ‘Happy Days and KBL’ has become more consistent with failures from last three to four movies. With new director Priya Saran heading the team, pretty n tiny heroines Saranya Mohan and Vega sharing the lead roles, ‘Happy Happyga’ is a litmus test for Varun Sandesh and Music Director Mani Sharma, as both aere traveling through a rough patch. Let us know, how Happy was this movie for both of them and of course audience?

In the Movie Happy Happyga: Santosh (Varun Sandesh), is a happy living guy in Vizag running a gift consultancy ‘Cartoon Guys’ which deliver gifts in the form of feelings and expressions from one party to other. The only ambition in his life is to fall in love and that happens instantly when he meets Pooja (Vega) who arrives from London to enjoy her vacation with uncle and aunt (MS Narayana and Rajitha).

Santosh tries to impress Pooja in every form but fails because Pooja doesn’t believe in the concept of love. Yet, Santosh believes to teach her the lessons of love and creates a character a dream girl. With a misconception, Pooja comes into a belief that Priya (Saranya Mohan), sister of local goon Suri (Ravi Shankar of ‘Arundhathi’ fame) is Santosh’s dream girl.

To surprise his close friend Santosh, Pooja meets Priya and convinces her about the true love of Santosh. Very soon, Priya accepts Santosh and the drama starts. When Suri gets to know about the real love of Santosh as Pooja, he etches a new plan with Santosh, only to make his sister happy.

With huge drama continued till climax, a strong twist in pre-climax makes Santosh realize the real meaning of love but by then the time has run out. Finally what happened to the lives of Sanotsh and Pooja forms the climax.

Values of the Movie Happy Happyga: Story looks to be inspired from Puri - Pawan Kalyan block buster ‘Badri’ but with a different lock. Story writer cum director Priya Saran focused majorly on Varun Sandesh’s character with story revolving around Vega in first half and Saranya in second half. Screenplay for this kind of story needs to run on novel lines and that is missed. Dialogues by Anil Ravipudi could have been still better. Camerawork by Venki A Darshan was mediocre. Editing by KV Krishna Reddy was sick in first half. Music by Mani Sharma makes us happy in glitches. Two songs were worth listening and lyrics for the song ‘Madhuraanubhavama Prema…’ by Sirivennela Seetharama Sastri was outstanding carrying the entire USP of movie. Production values by Durga Prasad and Oceian Films were good.

Performance wise Varun Sandesh was trying that extra bit and thats clearly deviating his natural talent. Vega is cute, photogenic and looked great. Saranya Mohan once again does a good job, most of the time churning expressions with eyes. Comedy by Ali as Kailasam aka Varun Jet Lee with spoof of Hindi ‘Ghajini’ was initially humorous but bored later. Ravi Shankar, MS Narayana, Rajitha, Raja Sreedhar, Telangana Shakuntala were just okay.

Out of the Movie Happy Happyga: Director Priya Saran touched that element of love stories which is comparatively less utilized. Core theme is that Varun wants to make Saranya happy while Vega wants to make Varun happy and Ravi Shankar wants his sister Saranya happy. Story has a correct lock that can bring out an emotional drama but Priya Saran missed the opportunity with boneless characterization of hero. To spoil the game further is dialogues section. Last two twists in the story lacked the real footing and were indigestible. Mani Sharma’s back ground score is impressive and Sirivennela’s lyrics helped the theme once again.

Love stories are acceptable only when emotion and feel is sustained through out and that requires sound designing of all the characters. In our case, all is well with Saranya and Vega characters but Varun Sandesh character is immature.

If first half was dealt boring with unfulfilled comic and love scenes that helped to develop the small twist in story by entry of Saranya and that’s a tired interval. Come second half, transition in director is visible as strong conflict developed between the leads is dealt only half baked. As title suggests of movie filled with all Happy moments, it is not so. It is unhappy moods of the characters highlighted to make other characters happy.  

Mani Sharma music, Sirivennela lyrics, Varun Sandesh energy, Vega and Saranya’s presence, Ali comedy are positives while a boring first half, half baked second half, lack of depth in characterizations, unconvincing climax served negatives for ‘Happy Happyga.’

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Happy Happyga:   సుత్తి సుత్తిగా... మెత్త మెత్తగా...  
                                                                                     Reviewed by Srivaas


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