Guntur Talkies Review

Guntur Talkies Review
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Guntur Talkies Review, What’s Behind: Praveen Sattaru, a National award winning director is yet to deliver a commercial hit. His last movie Chandamama Kathalu won National Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu. Now, his new film Guntur Talkies having a prominent crowd pulling face in Jabardast fame Rashmi Gautam and her hot skin show in trailers raised curiosity among youth. Let’s see whom Guntur Talkies is targeted at? 

Guntur Talkies Story: Lower class men Hari (Naresh) and Giri (Sidhu) work in a medical shop. Their other profession is silly burgling of small items in locked houses during night hours. One fine night, they rob a police man house and Giri habitually picks a handbag with 5 lakhs cash. While stealing the next house belonging to same police officer’s keep, they get 5 lakhs more and Giri doesn’t reveal it to Hari. In no time, Giri freaks out with sexy girlfriend Suvarna (Rashmi) to Goa while Hari shifts to other place. Meanwhile, funny don (Mahesh Manjrekar) and sex maniac Revolver Rani (Shraddha Das) begin a chase for Hari and Giri on different reasons. How they escape from these and what’s the actual story behind, watch it in theaters.

Guntur Talkies Artists and Technicians: The film is all about two unlike age grouped guys, their friendship and struggles as they break their own burglary rules. Praveen Sattaru opted to a very simple, thin story and narrated the same in an engaging way with enormous grip. Surprising thing is you can’t expect such B grade treatment from a mature director like Praveen. Yet, the strength in characterizations or the topographies selected for generating an authentic flavor or the guts to add spice or fetish in every scene is an unconventional approach and first of its kind Telugu film never attempted in the past makes Praveen a winner.

From start till end, the film is full of cuss words, adult comedy and hormone pumping sequences. In very first scene, hero Siddhu advises audience not to bring kids. Yes, the film is strictly for adults. Families and children should keep away from it. Ram Reddy’s camera work is rugged and editing by Dharmendra Kakarala should have been crisp in second half. Sri Charan Pakala provided mediocre album and background score is captivating. Production values of RK Studios are good.

Coming to performances, Siddhu was perfect in the role of playboy. He is innocent, cunning. Siddhu indeed nailed it with a crude portrayal. Director took special care on minute detailing like costumes. Siddhu sports fitting costumes as per situational demands. It’s odd to see a hero wear just an underwear. Senior actor Naresh is biggest asset. He provides loads of laughs throughout with his innocence and different mannerisms. His wife eloping with boyfriend owing to husband’s poverty is a realistic shade which director cleverly worked on. Such elements spawn extra ordinary comedy. Naresh episodes with Shraddha Das were also hilarious. Rashmi Gautam is wildly red hot in traditional attire exposing the luring assets and she is attractive in modern clothing too. The Jabardasth lady oozed enough glamour in a romantic song coming in second half. Shraddha Das is too good cultivating men as sexually satisfying machines. This is a treat to watch out for front benchers. Mahesh Manjrekar made Chutiya as don. Fish Venkat was good, Raja Ravindra was fine, Raghubabu was decent. Other artists are cool.

Guntur Talkies Rating Analysis: Keeping his National charm aside, Praveen Sattaru impressed this time with a bold attempt. Sex and crime always pays. When Praveen joined them both, it’s raining at Box Office. The flow in script and designing of characters stood high point. Each character outperforms within the limits with no over action. Praveen had a vision on how to present each character. His specialization in dealing with situational fun worked out. 

GT has no flaws in first half because there’s no story. Entire first half looks very original, a bit perverted, a bit clever and well written, professionally executed. Problem lied with second half which should have been crispier. Episodes on Raghu Babu, Raja Ravindra dip the narration graph to low. Hurried up climax evokes no admiration and respect for the director who made a winsome first half.  

Springing a new element for every 15 minutes never leaves us to feel bored. Our attention is bolted with story flow, locations and character behavior. Yes, empathizing with characters is by itself an achievement for a director. Moreover, Praveen extracted the best from each and every artist in team.    

In totality, ‘Guntur Talkies’ is a pleasant, refreshing experience for adult movie lovers, something like ‘Delhi Belly’ and care like Anurag Kashyap. Commercially, the film has high chances to do well in lower order mass centers. Cinejosh feels it worth rating GT with 2.75 stars for creating hormonal imbalance. Go for it with friends and you are sure to laugh out loud. Big No for families and children, you have other good picks for the week.  

Guntur Talkies Cinejosh Verdict: Purely ‘Adult’ Film.

                                                             Guntur Talkies Cinejosh Rating: 2.75/5.0

                                                                                                         Reviewed by Srivaas

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