Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde Review

Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde Review
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Behind the Movie GJG: Young hero Nitin’s shift-over into romantic genre with ‘Ishq’ and his romantic chemistry with Nithya Menon will be the driving force for audience to wait for ‘Gunde Jaari Gallanthayinde.’ Amidst good expectations, movie graces the theatres today in direction of Vijay Kumar Konda. Let us see, how far Nithin and Nithya touched our hearts?

In the Movie GJG: Story begins with software engineer Karthik (Nithin) falling in love with Shruti (Isha Talwar) on the very first sight. While trying to trace her whereabouts through a common friend Pandu (Ali), there will be mismatch and Karthik will end up with the phone number of Bangaram aka Shravani (Nithya Menon) thinking as that of Shruti. On the other end, Bangaram wants to marry a person who admires and loves her without seeing her. Obviously, Karthik and Shravani gel well chatting on mobile without seeing each other. In the opposite track, unknowingly Karthik even helps his friend Madhu (Madhu Nanda) to fall in love with Shruti.

When the mistaken identity between Shruti and Bangaram is realized by Karthik, the damage is already done. How did Bangaram react on entire situation? What kind of punishment did she plan for Karthik on playing with her emotions? When did Karthik realize that his emotional bonding with Bangaram is the real essence of love?

Values of the Movie GJG: The basic idea of combining mistaken identity with rom-com makes this a refreshing subject for Telugu audience. Screenplay and dialogues by Harshavardhan are too good to call this as a near perfect product. Debutant Vijay Kumar Konda also executed the script without any hiccups. Narration flows laminar without any big lags. Music by Anup Rubens once again stood on top and each of the song is captured beautifully on-screen. I. Andrew does a neat work handling the camera while Praveen Pudi’s editing misses few logics in second half. As usual production values of Sresht Movies banner and Nikitha Reddy are noticeable.

Performance wise, this kind of roles are a child’s play for Nithin. He showed quite a bit of ease either in timing with comedy dialogues or involvement in romantic scenes or just imitating Power Star in ‘Tholi Prema’ remix song. Nithin will come out with distinction ratings for sure. Though a bit of late entry, Nithya Menon’s character gains significance by second half and her magical smile, cute screen presence lifted the overall flavor. Romantic authenticity in between Nithin and Nithya was awesome. Isha Talwar is not so amazing but completed her portions. The new man on block who steals the screen with his immaculate funny mannerisms is Madhu Nanda. Ali, Thaagubothu Ramesh was also exalting while Duvvasi Mohan, Raghu Babu were just okay. Of the remaining Ahuti Prasad, Sudha, Sandhya Janak etc stood up to their scope.

Out of the Movie GJG: What makes this film a sure winner is the brand-newly written scenes of first half. Three cheers to Harshavardhan and Vijay for conceiving certain distinguishable episodes to drive the speed in narration. Entire fun-game with word-play between Nithin, Nithya Menon, Isha Talwar and Madhu Nanda stood as peak of first half.

Presence of Ali, Thaagubothu Ramesh and the placement of ‘Emayindo Yemo Ee Vela’ re-mix at right times have further blown the first half to an high quality entertainer. Once the lock of mistaken identity is revealed, surely Vijay and Harsha needed a long-lasting element to retain the audience on same energy levels.

However, second half suffers with clichéd scenes and in few places, SV Krishna Reddy’s ‘Premaku Velaayera’ kind of treatment was sharply visible. Even with forced gap filling scenes, movie goes on till climax with more ups and less downs. Finally, climax portion was crisply ended showing the director’s intention to leave patrons on smiling faces. If seeing Pawan Kalyan on screen was highly exciting, expression-less Jwala Gutta disappointed.

BO wise, ‘GJG’ will be a definite hit. If originality in first half was sensed even for second half, this could have been a sure-shot blockbuster. Even then, ‘GJG’ will be a pleasant, cool, fresh romantic treat in this mid-summer. For college going students and youth audience, connectivity factor will be still higher.

(PS: Power Star Fans will have a Blast)

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie GJG: Drop Your Heart for Nithin & Nithya’s ‘Ishq - 2.’

                                                     Cinejosh Rating: 3.25/5

                                                                                                         Reviewed by Srivaas

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