Gully Rowdy Review

Gully Rowdy Review
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Director: G.Nageshwar Reddy
Producer: MVV.Satyanarayana, Kona Venkat
Release Date: Fri 17th Sep 2021
Actors: Sundeep Kishan
Gully Rowdy Rating: 2 / 5
Gully Rowdy Punchline: Turns out to be Silly Rowdy

What's Behind

Sundeep Kishan's Gully Rowdy directed by G.Nageshwar Reddy hit the screens today on September 17. The film's teaser and trailer attracted with its hilarious elements. Let us find out whether Gully Rowdy entertained movie lovers or not.

Story Review

Simhachalam (Nagineedu) who lives in Visakhapatnam believes rowdyism for a good cause is not wrong. He gets insulted by Bairagi Naidu and even his son Appana Naidu (Prakash Raj) dies in an accident. Simhachalam's aide (Posani) impresses on Simhachalam to turn his grandson Vasu (Sundeep Kishan) as a rowdy to exact revenge much against Vasu's wishes. Vasu falls for Sahitya (Neha Hariraj Shetty), daughter of Head Constable Venkat Rao (Rajendra Prasad). Sahitya loathes rowdies and she seeks Vasu's help only to escape from other rowdies. However, things get complicated when Bairagi Naidu encroaches on their property and insults them publicly. Sahitya along with her family seeks the help of Vasu to kidnap Bairagi Naidu and she promises to love him if he emerges successful. But there are a lot of twists and turns in store for them. To find out about them and how Bairagi Naidu's son Nanda and encounter specialist Ravi Nayak (Bobby Simha) are connected to it and whether Sahitya finally falls in love with Vasu, watch Gully Rowdy on screen.

Bobby Simha

Harsha David 

Vennela Kishore

Rajendra Prasad Venkat Rao head constableCu hi Ko hi Jo

Posani Naidu vizagHi

Shakalaka Shankar

Sneha Gupta item song

Artists, Technicians Review

G.Nageshwar Reddy tried to attract movie lovers by showing Sundeep Kishan as a Gully Rowdy and create a laughing riot. Right from the start till the finish, the entire narration is loaded with routineness. People have watched such scenes during the 80s and the same scenes repeated and the film lacked the real twists and turns. Even the so-called comedy turned out to be outdated but Rajendra Prasad's comic timing turned out to be the saving grace. Multiple characters only ensured endless torture to the viewers. Nageshwar Reddy failed completely with his story, screenplay, and direction. The weak characterization also impacted the film within no time. G.Nageshwar Reddy failed to get the optimum out of the cast and crew because of the routine story and lackluster narration.

Sundeep Kishan played the role of a rowdy effortlessly. He expressed and emoted well to leave his mark on the screen. However, he failed to take the scenes to another level with the hilarious antics. His screen presence is also got marginalized due to the presence of numerous actors. Sundeep Kishan dreamed of attracting the masses with Gully Rowdy but there are not many mass elements in it though he indulged in few high octane stunts.

Neha Hariraj Shetty attracted with her looks. However, she did not get much chance to perform and her expressions and dialogue delivery looked artificial. Sundeep and Neha's so-called romance and chemistry are not seen on screen. Rajendra Prasad elevated the scenes with his comic timing. He performed well and his screen presence, expressions, and mannerisms make viewers smile Vennela Kishore is good to some extent. Posani Krishna Murali got a limited screen presence and so is Viva Harsha.

Bobby Simha made his presence felt as a police officer. He enters only in the later part of the film. He played a serious role and his expressions are unidimensional. Others performed according to their roles. A couple of songs are well shot and good to listen Sai Karthik and Chowrasta Ram's music is good. Background music is in sync with the story. Chota K Prasad's editing left a lot to be desired. There are many drags that slowed the pace of the film. Production values are good.


Sundeep Kishan to some extent

Rajendra Prasad

Few hilarious scenes


Story, screenplay, direction


Lack of twists and turns

Missing romance

Rating Analysis

G.Nageshwar Reddy is known for his comedy capers. But he lost his Midas touch a long time back and so seems Kona Venkat. Both of them came with a routine and outdated story for Gully Rowdy and turned it into Silly Rowdy. Gully Rowdy lacked novelty and with humor also going for a toss after some time with the routineness, it ended up disappointing everyone. Going by these findings, CJ goes with a 2 rating for Gully Rowdy.


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