Green Signal Movie Review

Green Signal Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Green Signal: Inspired by film maker Maruthi many directors are attempting at entertaining audience with friendship, romance and other youthful elements. Green Signal falls into the same genre with Vijay Maddhala as director and a big lot of new faces as lead star cast. Never to miss, Maruthi is one of the producers.

In the Movie Green Signal: Story begins with four good bachelor friends (Revanth, Manas, Gopal Sai and Ashutosh) decide to take Sanyas and board the train for Manas Sarovar. What is their strong reason behind such decision and how did each of them come across a girl in their lives.

Manas fall in love with a girl (Rakshitha of Bus Stop fame) accidentally and their relationship grows into live-in. However, things tend to go out of control and they decide to break up.

Revanth is a playboy always in search of hot chicks finds an engaged babe (Shilpi Sharma) to meet his monthly expenses by satisfying her on bed. 

Gopal Sai aka Google is a software trainer in Ameerpet bewitched by the beauty of student (Manali Rathod) who is already dating Mahesh (Raja Sreedhar). However, she uses Gopal for spending money.

Lastly, Ashutosh is a gay who runs an affair with Chandra. How did their families react?

All four pairs arrange a trip to Goa where relations begin to hurt. What happened later on, how many of them succeeded in their love lives and how many failed?

Values & Out of the Movie Green Signal: Much of the movie’s story and screenplay are inspired from Bollywood film ‘Pyar Ka Punchnama.’ However for any youthful story to connect with audience, it should have enough of fun, may it be double entendres or direct heart touching lines. This was the secret behind Maruthi’s major success track record. This time, neither director Vijay Maddha nor Maruthi’s experience could save this signal. There was whole lot of drawbacks which pulled the entertainment factor down and down. Although the plot has some strength, Vijay could not execute it to the tee. Script was so feeble and none of the four stories gets a registry in our minds except the skin show of hot heroines. In this aspect, director might be able to gain some brownies from front benchers. Cinematography of Swamy was prospering traversing through the beaches of Goa so smoothly. For a concept of this kind, camera usage is definitely so high in standards. Nevertheless, neither camera work nor editing nor musical score from JB could generate a feel necessary to touch the chord with viewers. Dialogues were pretty weak. From production point of view, SLV Cinema and Maruthi managed to roll out a costly film.

On performance front, Manas and Revanth ran away with top scores while Gopal Sai could be felt pity for. Ashutosh and Chammak Chandra were pathetic. Among heroines, each of them tried to dominate the other in glam quotient. Shilpi Sharma has a solid structure while Rakshita was cute. Manali Rathod is a buxom figure which directors can tap upon. While Dimple Chopade’s character is useless, she sizzled in one hot song. Madhurima in first song was shot erotically. Shravya of ‘Love You Bangaram’ fame comes in climax. Rests of the artists are present for name sake.

On the whole, ‘Green Signal’ although has a promising premise and an apt environment like ‘Happy Days,’ it’s the immature handling of Vijay Maddhala makes it a punishment for patrons. He failed to establish each of the plots and the way episodes come one by one without any logical connectivity kills the interest on movie so quickly. In fact, first half is a little better than the strangled second half. How can a director end these long said stories so simply without any conviction is understood only to Vijay? This film is a clear example on how one can play a spoil sport with the freedom given by producer who did not show minimum judgment in the script. All in all, ‘Green Signal’ will disappear so soon from theaters without a trace despite the emptiness in market.

Cinejosh Verdict of Green Signal: Its Red Signal for Audience.

                                                                 Cinejosh Rating: 2

                                                                                             Reviewed by Srivaas

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