Govindudu Andari Vaadele Review

Govindudu Andari Vaadele Review
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Behind the Movie GAV: In his weakest of professional days, Krishna Vamsi is given a brilliant opportunity to direct Ramcharan with a wholesome family entertainer. Here comes GAV with lot of expectations at Dasara festive season. Let us see, how far Govindudu can steal your hearts?

In the Movie GAV: Story begins with introduction of Abhi Ram (Ramcharan), a young guy in London with father Dr Chadrasekhar Rao (Rahman) and a little cute sister. At one of an emotional breakdown moment, Dr Chadrasekhar Rao narrates the flashback of missing his entire family in a Konaseema village. To see his dad happy, Abhi Ram travels to India to unite the family. 

How Abhi Ram met his grand father Balraju (Prakash Raj), granny Baby (Jayasudha) and Maradalu Sathya (Kajal Agarwal)? How Abhi unified his drunkard Babai Bangarayya (Srikanth) with Balraju? How Abhi fulfilled the dream of Balraju to open a multi-specialty hospital in village? What about the rivalry between Balraju and Kota Srinivas family? When did Balraju accept his elder son Dr Chadrasekhar Rao forms the rest…

Values of the Movie GAV: The biggest strength of Krishna Vamsi is his ability to ripen the family emotions brining all the members into one frame. He repeated the same trick for GAV by amalgamating a 1980s story and 1990s screenplay. Entire concept looked quite hollow with a predictable screenplay and uninteresting direction. Though KV showed his trademark treatment in few episodes, his master class touch as evidenced in past cult films was missing here. Paruchuri Brothers assistance in writing made the whole approach a run-of-the-mill. Sluggish etching of emotional scenes and faint dialogue strengths further highlighted the directional paralysis. All in all, KV was never into his best while he was almost near to the worst. Sameer Reddy’s cinematography started as a cool wave and gradually lost the nib. Naveen Nuli’s editing is an erratum. The way movie is pushed to climax is a total slipup editing wise. Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja was good for a couple of songs and BGM was dramatic here n there. For the rest, Yuvan is a big setback for the film. Production values of Bandla Ganesh Babu are just on the midway because the final output looked inexpensive. 

Performance wise, this is a new cup of tea for Ramcharan to display strong family emotions in majority of scenes. Tried his best with weeping and sorrow or pity and sympathetic face, he still cannot convince the viewers to perfection. On romantic front, his chemistry with Kajal was a bit better. Styling wise, Charan had a bad selection. For the first time, Kajal looked ugly and insensitive with plenty of fat grown in wrong areas. Thanks to KV, he exploited those deformed curves too. Prakash Raj got a respectable character and he did it with balance till the climax while losing spine at once in flimsy. Jayasudha is the best part of film with her poignant eyes doing the magic. Srikanth is into usual best in negative shades. Kamalini Mukherjee is a total waste. Rahaman got a good role and he is justified. Rao Ramesh, Kota, Adarsh, Posani, Sameer, Sathya Krishna, Pragathi etc did their portions.

Out of the Movie GAV: Mega Power Star is made synonymous to formula action entertainers. When Charan is endeavoring for a change, he needed a strong story, qualified script and skillful narrator to showcase the new angle in him. Krishna Vamsi goofed up in totality with an old fashioned and time worn execution. Despite Charan made constant faithful effort to make GAV a special film in career, this isn’t so. If needed to finger point, Krishna Vamsi demonstrated how pathetically his taste has gone wrong these days. He seems to staunch and lethargic to come out of his own spider’s web. There is zero temperament seen in KV to contemplate a new format of story telling. Instead he borrowed a bit from Aththarintiki Daaredi, a bit from his own Murari or a bit from Seetharamayya Gaari Manavaralu and the list goes might go unending. In contempt of all such unbelievable lifting, KV failed to amuse the audience. 

Family audience might love few portions in first half and some last minutes in climax because of clean entertainment, rest it’s a disappointment for all set of audience. This could be the time for Ramcharan to rethink and reassess the credibility in script and director before accepting a project. 

Commercially, GAV might open grandly on this holiday and festive season. Family audiences are sure to throng at theatres due to magnificent star cast and Ramcharan factor. A run above two to three weeks is questionable. 

Cinejosh Verdict of GAV: Neither Krishna Vamsi Film Nor Ramcharan Film.

                                                     Cinejosh Rating: 2.25/5

                                                                                        Reviewed by Srivaas


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