Goutham Nanda Review

Goutham Nanda Review
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Director: Sampath Nandi
Producer: Bhagavan, Pulla Rao
Release Date: Fri 28th Jul 2017
Actors: Gopichand
Goutham Nanda Rating: 3 / 5
Goutham Nanda Punchline: Sampath, Gopichand Steal The Show

Goutham Nanda Review, What’s Behind:

Hat trick director Sampath Nandi teamed with action hero Gopichand on this lavish product made on a philosophical theme is produced by Bhagavan and Pulla Rao. While glamorous girls Hansika Motwani and Catherine Tresa are into female leads, SS Thaman’s musical score has already bagged a positive impression. Let us see, what Sampath has offered in this commercially coated message conveying flick?

Goutham Nanda Story Review:

Ghattamaneni Goutham (Gopichand) is a filthy rich spoilt brat leading an aimless life partying all the time. One incident changes him to question himself on Who Am I and begins the journey for self exploration and accidentally meets a poverty stricken Nanda Gopal aka Nanda (Gopichand) from Borabanda, exact look alike of Goutham. After a brief introduction of each other, Goutham and Nanda agree to exchange their positions for one month as rich Goutham lands in Borabanda to feel the love in Sphoorthi (Hansika), experience family emotions while a greedy Nanda joins Ghattamaneni family to enjoy the richness and falls in love with modern girl Mugdha (Catherine Tresa). What happened later on… when the time has come for Ghattamaneni industrial group to announce the successor?                  

Goutham Nanda Artists, Technicians Review:

Goutham Nanda though appears like a routine commercial story of dual role heroes interchanging their positions and fun thereof but the way Sampath Nandi added a special value to the whole plot by dealing on humanistic greed for currency made it contextually contemporary and easy to connect with all sections of audience.

Sampath’s gamble paid off a bit in Nanda character which actually haunts for a while with its well written acquisitiveness. Direction wise, Sampath Nandi showed lots of maturity by distancing himself from an addicted commercial mould by conflicting on Greed Vs Necessity. Especially, his pen power exceeded par excellence with a bounty of sermonies presented in a commercial format. 

Nevertheless, the valiance needed in Nanda’s characterization was half baked and unjustified which might repel at audience traditional mindset. This is where script could have been made more inspiring and stimulating to match the reality. Instead artificiality crept in mellowing the emotions.    

Soundar Rajan’s camera work is one of the major assets. His presentation of diversity in richness and slum atmospheres needs an appreciation. Goutham Raju’s editing had its share of loopholes which can trim the run time easily by ten to fifteen minutes. SS Thaman’s background score augmented the feel and songs wise Bole Ram Bole Ram is shot strikingly with pleasant slow motion visuals. Ram Laxman stunt compositions are methodical. Production standards from Bhagavan and Pulla Rao are meticulously designed. 

On to artists, Gopichand’s stylishly handsome looks, adequate physique and rich mannerisms made him an apt choice for billionaire Gautham. On to the dual role of Nanda, from fine comedy timing to ghastly negativity, Gopichand did an exceptional job. Couple of action scenes, one at Khaidi No 150 theatre and the other at Borabanda market will please the masses for sure. Hansika Motwani was a misfit for slum girl. Catherine Tresa leaded the glamour proceedings from wearing a bikini to oozing loads of oomph in songs. Mukesh Rishi and Nikithin Dheer are weak villains. Sachin Khedekar looked dignified. Vennela Kishore and Bithiri Sathi comedy comes as a relief. Seetha, Chandra Mohan went overboard. Tankella Bharani and others did their part.

Goutham Nanda Review Positives:


Sampath Nandi Dialogues

Soundar Rajan Camera

SS Thaman RR    

Goutham Nanda Review Negatives:

Sluggish Narration In Parts

Runtime Could Be Little Crispy

Goutham Nanda Review, Rating Analysis:

Goutham Nanda is a welcome change for both Sampath Nandi and Gopichand. While Sampath should be admired for blending a modern day message on money into a rather commercial potboiler, Gopichand is adorable for the sincerity with which he respected both the roles with variant shades. There’s a bold message reflecting the present society centered only on one point and that’s currency. Success of Goutham Nanda depends on penetrability of this message deep into B, C centers while class audience might love the grandiose in visuals and Goutham in particular.

Sampath begins his narrative with a voice over elaborating the control of currency on mankind. Immediately into Goutham character, mind blowing visuals arrest audience attention and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is adventurously shot with Catherine Tresa’s hot skin show. Swanky bungalows, luxurious cars and the life style of billionaire families are presented beautifully. Before it gets too late with Goutham introduction, he is sent on a self identity journey bringing to fore is Nanda’s entry. Excitement in these parts is discontinued as Mukesh Rishi, Nikithin Dheer villainy lacked in punch. Peeping into Nanda’s slum life, Hansika Motwani isn’t presented glamorously. Towards interval block, attack on Nanda in Maldives is one more show of marvelous camera work.

Into second half, when Gautham begins to feel the warmth in middle class family emotions with Ajay’s side villainy track keep the proceedings moving. One action scene in Khaidi No 150 first day backdrop is a feast for Mega Star Fans. At a time when story seems to get stagnated, actual twist in the tale arises unveiling the negative shaded Nanda. Here on, for next twenty minutes the actual open conflict between Goutham and Nanda is dealt engagingly with some hard hitting dialogues. Conclusion can’t be anything better than this because Goutham’s characterization gets all the salvation in a heart touching climax.

Goutham Nanda is honest film made with pristine content. Though narration gets hackneyed here and there with cliché treatment, Sampath Nandi’s sincerity and Gopichand’s candid portrayal of both the characters makes Goutham Nanda worth a watch. Commercial verdict depends on acceptance of message by audience. Cinejosh rates Goutham Nanda with 3 stars and await for Box Office to speak the rest.


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