Gopala Gopala Review

Gopala Gopala Review
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Behind the Movie Gopala Gopala: At a time when Pawan mania is running on peaks, it would be more than a dream to see him as a god. Efforts of Suresh Babu, Venkatesh resulted in Pawan Kalyan accepting the character for this remake film, directed by Dolly. Let us get into the later part of review.

In the Movie Gopala Gopala: Story sets off introducing Gopal Rao (Venkatesh) as an atheist doing business with a shop selling idols of god. Various occasions, Gopal Rao exhibits aversion on godly beliefs of people only to finally become a prey when a mild earthquake demolishes his shop. It’s a shock of his life when Insurance Company neglects his claim on the clause of ‘Act Of God.’ So, Gopal Rao is left with no route than to make God and Godmen stand before the court of Law for creating the natural havoc disturbing the lives of poor. These situations directly affect the religious business of top godmen (Mithun Chakraborthy, Posani etc). To save Gopal Rao from the retaliation of godmen, the original heavenly god Lord Krishna (Pawan Kalyan) arrives on earth to teach the morale of Manliness is Godliness.        

Values of the Movie Gopala Gopala: Basically, this is a concept based film largely remade from Hindi hit ‘Oh My God.’ Basic nucleus of the film prepared by Umesh Shukla is very well appreciated because existence and non-existence of god is a line surely to connect with each and every Telugu heart. Director Dolly made necessary changes to the original script and story by adding extra technical, making values along with a mild dose of heroism. Bhoopathy Raja and Dolly have modified the script to make Pawan Kalyan character look much more effective. Direction wise, Dolly did a wonderful job by maintaining a smooth flow of second half with no drop in graph. Sai Madhav’s dialogues were straight to raise the questions among common public. Lots of credit to be given for such genius and credible writing! Jayanan Vincent camera work was poignant filling the screen with colorful visuals. Especially, the care taken in making Pawan Kalyan shine with a bright look will be applauded by Fans. Editing wise, there missed some sort of crispiness from Goutham Raju in second half. Three songs scored by Anup Rubens and BGM are high on advantage. Production values of North Star banner and Sharrath Marar, Suresh Babu are commendable in quality.

On performance front although Pawan Kalyan comes late into the film, he leaves a strong imprint. Every minute element in designing the Pawan’s character was filled with absolute perfection. He was superlatively charming than what we have seen in ‘Aththarintiki Daaredi’ or ‘Gabbar Singh.’ Of course, there are very less scenes and few dialogues spelt by this modern day Telugu Lord Krishna, every line had a strong meaning to convey. All in all, he is the lifeline for entire second half. If Pawan Kalyan role is called as an extended guest appearance, Venkatesh is the real hero of film. He adds the fundamental value to the film when entire plot revolves around his character. If Pawan is Lord Krishna, Venky was right as Arjuna to drive the battle. Nevertheless, scenes shot on these two in combination are to raise bundles of whistles in cinema halls. Shriya Saran is brief and authentic. Mithun Chakraborthy did the same role of Hindi version and his histrionics along with Posani were entertaining and laugh worthy. Among the rest, 30 Years industry Surya was just for one scene and he delivered the punch and remaining others like Ranga Nath, Ashish Vidyarthi struck to their design.

Out of the Movie Gopala Gopala: The major difference for all those who compare ‘Gopala Gopala’ with the original of ‘OMG’ is the presence of Pawan here. He is the biggest asset to steer the film towards top BO collections. More to add, the movie is clean and devoid of any vulgarity. It’s a complete family watch and there is no big season than Pongal for cash registers to ring loud. On negative side, it is doubtful on how far there will be a repeat value in this genre. So, collections might touch the penultimate highs and not the ultimate. One more aspect to criticize is, Dolly took more care on technically well being with the making values at the cost of missing emotional core when the pain or joy in Venkatesh’s Gopal Rao character wasn’t deeply sensible. Many scenes are driven pale and especially, the graph fell down during climax after the completion of crucial hospital scene. 

Finally, ‘Gopala Gopala’ is a well made film and is a treat for Power Star Fans. His stardom is sure to shoot up by one more step with this divinity filled role. Dolly and Suresh Babu took to the extreme step of showcasing Pawan Kalyan as the second NTR with one of the scenes. Going by the Pawan mania and fan frenzy, it was acceptable too. Commercially, here is a grand hit on the cards for this Pongal.

Cinejosh Verdict of Gopala Gopala: Pawan Blesses A Super Hit.

                                                                 Cinejosh Rating: 3.25/5

                                                                                                          Reviewed by Srivaas

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