Goodachari Review

Goodachari Review
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Director: Sashi Kiran Tikka
Producer: Abhishek Nama
Release Date: Fri 03rd Aug 2018
Actors: Adivi Sesh
Goodachari Rating: 3 / 5
Goodachari Punchline: Gripping Thriller

Goodachari Review, What’s Behind:

Adivi Sesh tried unique subjects in his early stage of career, got first break with last movie Kshanam, a thriller that did wonders at box office. This time he penned story and also worked on screenplay along with his team for Goodachari directed by debutante Sashi Kiran Tikka. Will Sesh continue his success streak as Goodachari? Let’s fly deep into the actual review part of this action spy thriller

Goodachari Story Review:

On a RAW mission, Satya (Prakash Raj) is wounded, he also informs that his friend cum brother-in-law Raghuram (Ravi Prakash) is no more. Satya changes Raghu’s son Gopi’s identity to protect him from terrorists. Gopi is introduced to the world as Arjun and groomed as Satya’s son. After Arjun's (Sesh Adivi) continuous futile attempts to crack RAW exam, finally he gets an entry into the department with the identity as Raghuram's son. During the training period, Arjun gets close to colleague, a psychiatrist (Sobhita Dhulipala). Things change swiftly after Arjun joins Trinetra agency, prestigious wing of RAW. Meanwhile, IB department head is assassinated and Arjun is blamed for the same as terror attacks the city. Who’s behind this? Why a terrorists group is chasing Arjun? Who is trying to save Arjun.

Goodachari Artists, Technicians Review:

It’s been very long since a sincere spy thriller has hit Telugu screens. Goodachari is a straight Telugu film from the genre and promises a unique thrilling experience as showed in promotional videos. Obviously, there are many unexpected twists and turns in the narration which is Goodachari's unique strength. It also has splendid action sequences, adequate romance, especially second half is filled with absorbing emotional content driving the tempo high towards the crucial last half an hour.

Adivi Sesh penned a novel story with all elements required for all thriller enthusiasts. In fact, such multi layered scripts demand high standards of direction with gripping narrative. Fresh director Sashikiran Tikka too handled the subject very interestingly. Although first half puts you down at times, second half is highly intense till end. Twists and turns keep audience hooked imparting a superb movie watch experience. Cinematography by Shaneil Deo is top notch, wherein Sricharan Pakala’s BGM is riveting, songs are properly included. Editing by Garry BH is razor sharp and production values of Abhishek Pictures are too lavish as every penny spent is visible on screen grandeur.

Onto artists, Adivi Sesh did a fabulous job as Goodachari (spy), the only intention is to serve country.  He looked charming and performed some risky stunts  shot on par with Hollywood. Such characters need a charming face and  he has it. Sobhita is a hot chick. Lip-lock scene between the two is well included. Jagapathi Babu was outstanding in a role on which entire story pivoted. This role will be remembered for long. Prakash Raj did his meaningful role impeccably. Madhu Shalini is good as Sesh’s colleague in RAW. Supriya and Vennela Kishore are a surprise package. Anish Kuruvilla is faultless and Ravi Prakash is acceptable. Rakesh Varre and other artists played their parts convincingly.

Goodachari Review Advantages:


Second Half

Twists n Turns


Action Part

Emotional Connect

Goodachari Review Drawbacks:

First Half 

Too Serious

Hollywood Inspirations

Goodachari Review Rating Analysis:

For all niche spy thrillers, ultimate motive is to save country from terrorists or other anti-social forces. Fortunately for us, Goodachari focuses on revealing many twists one after the other, besides assimilation of emotional and patriotic flames. Director Sashikiran dealt the subject like an expert, particularly second half where you are engaged with interesting revelations one by one.

First half begins on an interesting note with Prakash Raj getting wounded in a shoot out of RAW agency. We are glues to narration with back to back exciting episodes of Sesh’s identity change. Supriya is introduced in style as a trainer at RAW and Vennela Kishore gives some relief in serious situations with comedy timing.

Sobhita stuns in introduction scene enticing Sesh. Romantic track is designed in a way that it will appeal to youth of this era but hasn't got soul. Sesh’s appointment as Trinetra agent is intriguing and with a banging twist, movie heads to interval. This is one of the best interval in recent times.

Latter half too kick starts on exhilarating note with Sesh making all efforts to meet Prakash Raj secretly and then going Bangladesh to find some clues of a dreaded terrorists gang. Airport scene followed by an action episode in Bangladesh will further increase our curiosity. Jagapathi Babu’s real identity revelation is a shocking twist. Movie ends on emotional note with Sesh choosing patriotism over personal feelings. These portions will receive special applause and we are not disclosing much of the last 20 minute run to keep the thrill in tact.

All in all, Goodachari is a gripping thriller with adequate twists. Excellent performances from lead actors and brilliant support from technicians make this worth a watch for thriller movie lovers for good second half. CJ goes with 3 star rating. Box office verdict will depend on how it performs in mass centers. Finally, an effort surely laudable.


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