Golimaar Movie Review First on Net

Golimaar Movie Review First on Net
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Behind the Movie Golimaar: Director Puri Jagannath running through a bad phase in his career joined with Gopichand, the mass hero deliberately waiting for a break. Priyamani, the sutry beauty for the first time is in Puri team for producer Bellamkonda Suresh and music from Chakri already proved to be a hit. With these many big names in ‘Golimaar,’ let us see how far it worked?

In the Movie Golimaar: Gangaram is an orphan who dreams of becoming a police officer from  childhood days. Working in a tea café belonging to Babai (MS Narayana) in mornings, Gangaram attends night school to achieve his dream and with in no time Gangaram (Gopichand) becomes  SI of Madhapur PS. Young, dynamic and sincere Gangaram targets the Underworld Mafia and their activities in the city. With in three days of his SI appointment, Gangaram is elevated to an Encounter Specialist by DIG Bharath Nandan (Naazar).

Gangaram and his team of four cops start their ‘Golimaar’ for two Underworld gangs, first Talwar (Shawar Ali) gang operating with in the city and second Khalid (Kelly Dorjee) gang operating from Malaysia. First few weeks Gangaram cleans up Talwar gang and plans to travel Kenya where Khalid is on a one day private trip. In parallel runs the love story of Pavitra (Priyamani), an event organizer with Gangaram while her mother Arundhathi (Roja) doesn’t accept their love.

Time when Gangaram is getting ready for Kenya, Police raid the house and prove his illegal contacts with Mafia and their extortion. Gangaram finds it very soon that he was trapped in the plan of Khalid and DIG Bharathnandan who used him as a tool to clean their Mafia opponent Talwar. An admanat Gangaram escapes from police and re-establishes himself as Gangu Bhai, the Mafia Don. How powerful would be the story when a strict police officer becomes an Underworld King is all the remaining part of Golimaar.

Values of the Movie Golimaar: Gopichand was superb fit for tough cop Gangaram. Especially the way he moulded himself to Puri’s trademark histrionics was awesome. A new spark in Gopichand was seen in romantic scenes with heroine. Priyamani looked as usual too hot to handle. Self dubbing made her role more chirpy. Chemistry between Gopichand and Priyamani worked out well. Roja after a long time  got a purposeful role and she lived upto the expectations. Ali’s short and brief comedy stunt was received well. Kelly Dorjee just extended his role to that we saw in Don. Naazar was well used again after ‘Pokiri.’ MS Narayana, Jeeva and other star cast were also okay.

Technicalities wise Puri Jagannath takes away all the honors. Story of Underworld Mafia Vs Police is not new to Indian Cinema. The way how he etched out the story in second half with a different conecpt of tough cop turning into a Mafia Don was interesting. Dialogues wise, Puri showed his pen power after a long time. Screenplay ran very tight not allowing the audience to miss the punch and flavor of ‘Golimaar.’ Music by Chakri was good in ‘Salaam police’ and ‘Veedu Kooda Inthe’ songs. Background was okay but shades of ‘Pokiri’ was clearly visible. Shyam K Naidu’s perfect rapport with Puri clearly visualized in Cinematography department. Editing by Marthand was sharp. Bellamkonda’s effort in getting out a quality product can be felt on the screen.

Out of the Movie Golimaar: In single sentence, Puri Jagannath struggling for a hit can now get relaxed. He reinvented himself in every department and cooked up this movie to prove his abilities once again. Puri hasn' t wasted any time as he was on duty for rendering a hit  from the very first scene in the movie. Story wise inspiration from Daya Nayak and Ramgopal Varma aren’t enough for a hit. Puri’s typical style of giving a new twist in second half (as seen in Pokiri) is again seen here helping to enhance the movie output. Script wise, this time Puri has done no experiments and upto the mark. Dialogues wise, Puri’s hardwork will win the claps of mass audience (both in action and romance scenes). New words like ‘Shantesthunnaadu, Dhumki Dena Padatha Hai and few more Tamil words’ gave a new feel. The way Puri used prostitutes in catching the Mafia members, the way hero uses SMS trick to get saved from encounter shows Puri worked out on new things with increased common sense. If Gopichand, Priyamani, Puri treatment, good dialogues do more good for the movie; missing of elements for family audience, lack of enough comedy, lagged second half, too many cinematic liberties may cause only a slight damage. All in all, Puri is at his mark again.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Golimaar: Puri Jagannath …Bang on Target.’

                                                                                                              Reviewed by Srivaas

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