GodFather Review

GodFather Review
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Director: Mohan Raja
Producer: Ram Charan, R. B. Choudary, N. V. Prasad
Release Date: Wed 05th Oct 2022
Actors: Chiranjeevi
GodFather Rating: 3 / 5
GodFather Punchline: Boss is Back with Bang

God Father 2022 : What's Behind

Mega Star Chiranjeevi's Godfather is releasing Dasara to take full advantage of the festive season. Since the film is the remake of the Malayalam hit, Mohan Lal's Lucifer, the film is carrying low buzz. But the makers promoted the film as a completely different and novel one and the presence of Bollywood star Salman Khan is exciting all. The film's OTT rights have been bagged for a fancy sum by Netflix and the OTT streaming will be done after the completion of its theatrical run. Let us see whether Godfather set the screens on fire with the presence of Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan.

GodFather 2022 :Story Review

Godfather is all about the political bickerings following the demise of the Chief Minister of the state. The state is plunged into political turmoil with the demise of Chief Minister PKR. This leads to power struggles among the family members, party leaders, and also opposition parties. Who will emerge victor among CM's son-in-law Jaidev (Satyadev Kancharana), daughter Sathyapriya Jaidev (Nayanthara) and where this will lead to, and what is the connection of Brahma (Chiranjeevi) who wields significant clout as the Godfather and his relationship with Masoom Bhai (Salman Khan) form the crux of the story.

Artists, Technicians Review

The Godfather story of Mohan Raja stayed true to the original Malayalam version of Lucifer. He however made a few changes to elevate the heroism of Chiranjeevi and as the film also stars Salman Khan, few more changes have been made. Right from the start, the narration is gripping and Mohan Raja made it interesting with his screenplay and direction. He got the optimum from all the stars and the entry of Salman Khan increases the excitement. This sets the tone for the interesting second half.

Mohan Raja continued in the same vein in the second half and when everything is going smoothly, the pre-climax and climax turned out to be childish. Everything hit a downside and even the VFX turned the entire Salman Khan and Chiranjeevi action sequences into video games. Dialogues are power and made and impact. They are hard-hitting and to the point to the core. 

Chiranjeevi sported a new salt and pepper look for his role as Godfather. As viewers are not used to watching him in this look, it takes time for them to get adjusted to his look. He performed in a cool and composed manner carrying the film on his shoulders. He showed the right kind of expressions and emotions and made an impact with his screen presence. Chiranjeevi this time did not do the regular mass role and he refrained himself indulging in romance, dancing to romantic songs, etc. It seems for the first time in his career, there is no heroine for Chiranjeevi.

Nayanthara made it count with her performance. She got only a few scenes in the first half but she made an impact with her screen presence in the second half. Her scenes with chiranjeevi took the film to next level. Satyadev showed his acting talent and shone even in the presence of big stars like Chiranjeevi, Nayanthara, and Salman Khan. Bollywood superstar Salman Khan's entry excites all. Though he elevated the scenes along with Chiranjeevi, all of them looked forced and impacted the film's flow. Brahmaji, Samuthirakhani,Anasuya, Murali Sharma and Sunil got good screen presence and did their roles well. Puri Jagannath appeared in the important role of a journalist.

Thaman got the golden opportunity to score music for Chiranjeevi for the first time in his career. But he failed to make the optimum use of it. None of the songs are attractive and appealing. Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan's song entertain masses but it came at the wrong time. He tried to compensate for it with his background music. His background music elevated the scenes but at times it turned loud. Nirav Shah's cinematography gave a rich feel to the film with grand visuals. Marthand K Venkatesh left a lot to be desired in the second half. The climax turned out to be the weak link of the film. Production values are good.

GodFather 2022 : Advantages

  • Chiranjeevi presence
  • Salman Khan's cameo
  • Nayanthara, Satyadev's performances

GodFather 2022 : Disadvantages

  • Climax
  • Scenes in the second half
  • Editing
  • Songs

GodFather 2022 :Rating Analysis

Remaking the blockbuster of other languages is always a tough task. Mohan Raja who took the responsibility of remaking Lucifer with Chiranjeevi as Godfather, for most of the part emerged successful in staying true to the original. Even the subtle changes made to the original version added value to the remake. Both Chiranjeevi and Mohan Raja should be complimented for not going over the board to include mass, commercial elements. Salman Khan's entry also was perfectly placed. But Mohan Raja's screenplay and direction went for a toss during the pre-climax and climax with the action blocks between Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan. The hurried and rushed climax undid all the good work. With better screenplay, and writing, Godfather would have become even more powerful. Altogether Godfather is an interesting political thriller. Considering all these elements, Cinejosh goes with a 3 rating for Godfather.

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