Ghani Review

Ghani Review
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Director: Kiran Korrapati
Producer: Siddhu Mudda, Allu Bobby
Release Date: Fri 08th Apr 2022
Actors: Varun Tej
Ghani Rating: 2.25 / 5
Ghani Punchline: Fails to set the boxing ring on fire

What's Behind

Mega Prince Varun Tej is getting ready to flex his muscles as a boxer at the box office turning Ghani. The film directed by Kiran Korrapati is releasing on April 8,2022. Saiee Manjrekar is the female lead in the film and let us see what impact Varun Tej made on movie lovers as Ghani.

Story Review

Ghani (Ghani) promises his mother Madhuri (Nadhiya) that he will not pursue his boxing career. However, he secretly pursues his dream to win the boxing championship at the national level. In the midst of all this, beautiful girl Maya (Saiee Manjrekar) tries to win over his love. To find out why Ghani promised his mother and why he dreams of pursuing his dream of winning the boxing championship and where it will lead to, what is the connection with his father Vikramaditya (Upendra), Vijender Sinha (Suneil Shetty), Boxing federation chief Easwarnath (Jagapathi Babu) and Aadi (Naveen Chandra), enjoy Ghani on the silver screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Kiran Korrapati, a debutante tried to show Varun Tej in a completely different role. Varun Tej believed in him completely and worked hard and did full justice to his role. However, Kiran Korrapati came with a routine story bereft of any thrills. Right from the start to the finish, the film sails on a predictable note. Narration got nothing to rave about and the first half progresses at a snail's pace with the romantic track dragging the film to no extent. The interval block is predictable and the story picks up pace in the second half. Though developments happen at a fast pace, however routine elements irritate the viewers. The lack of real twists and turns and the predictable screenplay and direction failed to make an impact. Finally, after the boxing bouts, the film ends in a normal manner. Dialogues turned out to be just average and Kiran Korrapati failed as his inexperience turned out to be his disadvantage. The entire story lacked emotions and the narration failed to connect chords with the movie lovers.

Mega Prince Varun Tej is known for doing different genre entertainers. For the first time, he played the role of a boxer. He nailed it to perfection. He underwent a remarkable transformation, put on a lot of effort, and trained rigorously to slip into the role of the boxer effortlessly. He not only looked realistic and natural as the boxer in the ring and performed well as a caring son who loves his mother and also as a youngster who cares for his girlfriend. He showed the right kind of expressions and emotions and attracted with his screen presence.

Saiee Manjrekar who made her debut with this film looked cute and beautiful. She played the role of a bubbly girl and impressed with her expressions. However, she got limited screen presence and completely went missing in the second half. Nadiya in the role of the mother played the role of tailormade for her. She emoted well as a caring mother who feared for her son's future. Upendra performed well as the boxer and the father and Suneil Shetty played the role of a boxer quite well. However, Suneil Shetty seems to have lost all the glow in his face. Naveen Chandra is ok in his role and Jagapathi Babu got a routine role. Naresh, Tanikella Bharani, and others performed accordingly. Tamannaah's special number failed to sizzle and sparkle despite her best efforts.

The music of Thaman is nothing to rave about. Only the title song Ghani made an impact. He elevated the scenes with his background music. George C Williams' cinematography is good. Editing of Marthand K Venkatesh could have been far better. Production values are good.


Varun Tej


Lack of twists and turns

Missing emotions

The routine story, screenplay and direction

Rating Analysis

Varun Tej's Ghani directed by Kiran Korrapati generated interest with the trailer and teaser. People got excited with Varun Tej playing the role of a boxer for the first time. But in the story, Kiran Korrapati, for all the hard work of Varun Tej and his belief, failed to live up to the expectations. He failed to make use of the opportunity to come up with an interesting and power-packed story to elevate Varun Tej's stardom to another level. Right from the story to the screenplay and direction, everything turned out to be routine lacking real emotions and twists. He failed to make use of the talented star cast and his inexperience turned Ghani into a below-average affair. Considering all these aspects, CJ goes with a 2.25 rating for Ghani.

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