Geethanjali Review

Geethanjali Review
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Behind the Movie Geethanjali: Ace writer Kona Venkat’s entry as producer and debutant Raj Kiran handling the direction providing a re-entry Telugu platform for Anjali made Geethanjali a high expected flick. Let us see, whether there are hilarious thrills here?

In the Movie Geethanjali: Story takes off with young and wannabe director Sreenu (Srinivas Reddy) narrating a murder story to his producer Ramesh Rao (Rao Ramesh). Into the concept of Sreenu, police are investigating on a young girl Geethanjali (Anjali) suicide in apartment suspecting the watchman and then boy friend Madhu (Harshavardhan Rane) taken into custody. 

Story shifts to Vijayawada from where hero Srinu (Srinivas Reddy), a wannabe director meets Ushanjali (Anjali) on way to Hyderabad. Srinu and his friend Madhu (Madhu Nandan) become tenants in the same flat where Geethanjali committed suicide. Srinu is also joined by Dil Raju creative team members Acharya (Satyam Rajesh) and Athreya (Shakalaka Shankar) in the same apartment. When Madhu is away on office work, the remaining three experience strange incidents in flat with a ghost haunting them for food. 

Coincidentally, Ushanjali visits same flat everyday at 11 PM to 12 AM to have a pleasant coffee time with these three. Very soon, they are left with a shocking clue that Geethanjali aka Ushanjali committed suicide in the same apartment. What happened later on? How is producer Ramesh Rao linked to tragic flashback of Geethanjali? Are Ushanjali and Geethanjali one or different? 

Values of the Movie Geethanjali: Trialing with meager horror may not have sustainable entertainment in it. A mix of horror with comedy is the new genre fascinating our Telugu film makers. Story visualized by Raja Kiran and the way it is expanded by Kona Venkat with his trademark screenplay, funny treatment is what makes this ‘Geethanjali.’ Story takes off on high pitch interesting note with gripping narration. Every character is finely introduced involved into the main story. Raja Kiran well handled the comic scenes mixing thrills in right proportions. However, the way locks are released in story are so feeble and sounded nothing less than foolishness. Anyways, Raja Kiran and Kona as a team were left half way on their mark to victory. Praveen Lakkaraju’s re-recording was a good work while songs were misfit. Cinematography of Sai Sreeram made the visuals look so bright. Upendra’s editing was jerky. On production front, MVV Cinema has spent a decent budget. 

Performance wise, Anjali’s appearance in climax was the only spine chilling part. Rest, she had simple characterization with lion share of screen space occupied by Srinivas Reddy, Satyam Rajesh and Shakalaka Shankar’s comedy. All three along with Madhu Nandan were just perfect to give a run for our money spreading enough humor. Brahmanandam as Shaitan Raj is so weak. Sapthagiri is forcibly inserted to kill the horror flavor. Harshavardhan Rane and Rao Ramesh are just ok. Ali had a cameo.

Out of the Movie Geethanjali: Betting on horror thrillers is seen as safest in present day Tollywood only if makers have a right script. When there is most reliable Kona Venkat to help out on production, story expansion and screenplay, ‘Geethanjali’ can be considered as more than safe. Surely, every pie they have invested was visible on screen. However, ‘Geethanjali’ could have been a sure shot winner if Kona has devised a gripping second half with strong content. The quality treatment and technicalities shown in first half were completely missing in second half. 

The way Kona and Raja Kiran unleashed the flashback and Sapthagiri episodes spoiled the quality first half. They went into wrong focus handling the pivotal portions. ‘Geethanjali’ is predominantly a more of comedy movie with less of useless, foolish and unconvincing thrills. A super senior like Kona is worthy to offer a much spooky product than this one. BO wise, they have a safe product on hand.

Cinejosh Verdict of Geethanjali: Comedy Dominates Horror

                                                               Cinejosh Rating: 2.75

                                                                                   Reviewed by Srivaas

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