Gauravam Review

Gauravam Review
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Behind the Movie Gauravam: One more hero from Mega camp, Allu Sirish is debuting with a rather unconventional subject in the direction of Radha Mohan, produced by Prakashraj. With pretty Yami Gautham as heroine and SS Thaman scoring the music, let us see...what is these honor killings all about?

In the Movie Gauravam: Engineering Graduate Arjun (Allu Sirish), a born rich guy accustomed to city culture is sent to Coastal village of SM Palli by his father on an industrial assignment. To the same village belongs is Arjun’s close Engineering friend Shankaram, son of a lower caste poor old man (LB Sriram). The very first stepping into SM Palli village gives a shock to Arjun because Shankaram is believed to have eloped with Rajeshwari, the higher caste girl and village headman Pasupathi’s (Prakashraj) daughter.    

As Arjun begins his search for Shankaram and Rajeshwari, many facts linked to caste atrocities in the village are unraveled. How Arjun and a Law Graduate Yamini (Yami Gautam) along with entire Engineering friends team of Arjun solved the mystery behind brutal honor killings of Shankaram and Rajeshwari? How Pasupathi reacted? All these form a part of sermonizing climax.

Values & Out of the Movie Gauravam: Basic strength for this kind of non-commercial films lies in intensity of subject and tempo to be maintained in narration. Of course, dialogues will also do the best part apart from artists seen on screen. Unfortunately, nothing gelled well for this project which was made on a forgotten social issue. While the line sounds interesting, screenplay and treatment were atrocious. Throughout the run time, patience of patrons is tested. 

Radha Mohan finally failed neither to register the central point in his concept nor to provide a best debut for Mega Hero. Dialogues by BVS Ravi should have been hard-hitting but went on missing the target continuously. To speak on few positives, film picks up in momentum only once the dead bodies of Shankaram and Rajeshwari are unfolded. Instead of ending the film with a thought provoking climax, director and writer remained incompetent. SS Thaman’s music is utterly dismal while Preetha’s camera work was appreciative. Once again Marthand K Venkatesh’s scissors lost the keenness needed to captivate the mindset of public. Production values of Prakashraj are qualitative.

Performance wise, Sirish has so much to show. Neither did he have an expressive face nor an ease in body language. He might have to undergo many acting sessions to become a seasoned actor. Cameraman tried his best to cover the drawbacks of Sirish yet the truth remains same. Yami Gautham is cute and has no scope to exhibit her acting skills. Same applies for Prakashraj while LB Sreeram, Brahmaji have definitely got attention holding characters. Of the remaining, Nasser, Madhu and other Tamil actors were just okay.

If analysed from Telugu audience perspective, ‘Gauravam’ is devoid of any commercial elements. So, there is no chance of survival at BO. Mega Fans who think of taking a chance to watch Sirish might also step back once reviews and public talk comes out. Fault lies completely in Radha Mohan. Sensibilities and emotions which are branded in his earlier flicks go for a six here. Finally, ‘Gauravam’ ends as a bad luck film for one and all.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Gauravam: Not a Respectable Debut for Sirish.           

                                                 Cinejosh Rating: 2/5

                                                                                Reviewed by Srivaas

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