Gamanam Review

Gamanam Review
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Director: Sujana Rao
Producer: Ramesh Karutoori,Venki Pushadapu
Release Date: Fri 10th Dec 2021
Actors: Shriya Saran
Gamanam Rating: 1 / 5
Gamanam Punchline: Drowned in a torrential storm

What's Behind

Shriya Sharan's Gamanam directed by Sujana Rao generated immense interest among movie lovers. The film hit the screens today on December 10. Let us find out what Gamanam offered to movie lovers.

Story Review

Kamala (Shriya Sharan), a deaf woman and a mother of a baby waits expectantly for her husband working in Dubai as a taxi driver. She makes a living by working as a tailor and resides in a single room in a slum. Ali (Siva Kandukuri) is a MBBS student but aspires to become a cricketer and represent India. He loves a well-to-do girl Zara (Priyanka Jawalkar). All of them get a shock in their lives and to the top of it, they get stuckup in torrential rain in Hyderabad. Where this leads to and how Ali's grandfather (Charu Haasan), his friend Abdullah (Suhas), singer Shailaputri Devi (Nitya Menon), cricket coaches (Ravi Prakash, kancherapalam Raju), Zara's father (Sanjay Swarup) and two slum kids are connected should be found on the screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Sujana Rao tried to attract viewers by drawing inspiration from the Hyderabad floods and highlighting the sufferings of the poor and the affected lot. She came with a realistic story but it lacked an emotional connection. Though she tried to do something new coming with an anthology, she failed to connect chords with the viewers and ended up testing the patience of the viewers.

Right from the start till the finish, the film ended up in a lethargic manner offering no real twists and turns. Every one passed through the motions as the characters are not written strongly. Sujana Rao's story got nothing much to offer and the screenplay and direction turned out to be mediocre.

Shriya Sharan performed well as a deaf woman and a mother of a baby who gets a shock in her life. She showed good expressions and emotions and carried her role quite well. Shiva Kandukuri performed well in the role of an aspiring and honest cricketer. Priyanka Jawalkar did well in her role as a caring lover.

Suhas is fine as Abdullah while Sanjay Swarup, Charu Haasan, Ravi Prakash, and Kancherapalem Raju performed accordingly. Nitya Menon appeared as a singer in a cameo. For all the performances, none of them got scope to showcase their acting talent.

Many expected magic from Isaignani Ilayaraja. However, he just did an okayish job. His situational song is ok and the background score is in sync with the story. There is nothing much to rave about any of them. The cinematography of Gnanasekhar is realistic and captured the floods in a good manner. Editing could have been far better as there are many drags in the film. Production values are ok.



Shriya Sharan to some extent



Story, Screenplay, Direction


Slow pace

Rating Analysis

Sujana Rao tried to take viewers into the ordeal of the Hyderabad floods with Gamanam. Though her idea looked good and interesting, she failed to execute in a proper manner on-screen with perfection. She failed in her attempt to get the optimum out of all and the anthology did not appeal to viewers. Lack of coherent screenplay and direction undid her efforts. Considering all these aspects, CJ goes with a 1.0 rating for Gamanam.

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