Galipatam Review

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Galipatam Review
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Behind the Movie Galipatam: Director Sampat Nandi’s new beginning of innings as a producer marks the specialty of this film. Lovely Star Aadi, Erika Fernandez, Kristina Akheeva add a new touch to the star cast with their youthful appeal. Let us fly slowly into the review.

In the Movie Galipatam: Story takes off on interesting note with introduction of beautiful married couple Karthi (Aadi), Swathi (Erika) as young lovers working for same software company of IBM having won best couple award too. Into the party mood, story takes a new shade with their original characters getting revealed and both of them filing for divorce. Time for flashback and there is a love story for each.

Karthi was deeply in love with Canada native India working girl Parineethi aka Paro (Kristina Akheeva). Luckily they enter into live-in-relation. While Karthi wants to get into a bond of marriage, Paro isn’t ready leading to a breakup. In parallel, Swathi is deeply admired and loved by her classmate Arav Reddy (Rahul Ravindran) for four years. As Swathi believes more in customs and traditions with caring parents agrees for marriage with Karthi leaving Arav in depression.

Now, it is time for story paths to interlock because Paro realized Karthi’s love and ready to share the life with him and vice versa is the case with Aarav waiting for Swathi. Well, the conflict turns more interesting with parents of both the parties taking the drivers’ seat. Rest is a newly designed climax one has to watch only on big screen.    

Values of the Movie Galipatam: Instead of alluring the youth with nonsense double meaning content, Sampat Nandi picked up absorbing contemporary content with well etched characterizations. The way Sampat’s screenplay traverses touching diverse points of Love Vs Responsibility, Attitudes of Present Vs Yester generations are prone to connect with all the sections of audience. Such stories require a sharp pen to elucidate the emotions and Sampat needs no introduction on how intriguing his dialogues can be. The main USP of ‘Galipatam’ is the astonishing work of Sampat behind the screen as a dialogue writer and screen writer. Every scene, he left a signature of own. Never to miss, Sampat's adoration for Pawan Kalyan is spelt in numerous occassions. Naveen Gandhi’s direction was also a good work. Bujji’s cinematography was also refreshing with some new locations well caught. Editing wise Rambabu Medikonda could have done better in second half. Music by Bheems is so peppy with all the songs shot to perfection. Rest is the superb production values of Sampat Nandi Team Works and Los Angeles Cinema.

On performance front, this role is an image makeover with lot of maturity and formidability added to Aadi’s portrayal. He was so authentic presenting the pain and joy. One scene where Aadi tries to help Erika’s mother lying on death bed is a master work. Kristina Akheeva is a surprise package with graceful appearance. Although a foreigner by breed, she can make it to top besides all star heroes if our directors recognize her talent. Rahul Ravindran was as usual decent. Erika is attractive in traditional chudidars and done her part balanced. Posani, Jabardast Actor and team generated good laughs. Pragathi as Aadi’s mother should be respected a lot and same applies to artists who done the parents characters. Bharath Reddy and Gayathri had a strong message to convey for married couples. 

Out of the Movie Galipatam: After the first film of ‘Yemaindi Ee Vela,’ the point was clear that Sampat is going to be the best man to look for as a writer in future Tollywood. Later doing a good job as director, again Sampat took the time to bring out superb writer in him with this flick. Every line had a heavy message to convey. This is definitely one of the imposing projects in recent times to be specially recognized for awe inspiring lines. Every character is elevated with magnificent dialogues. To be more specific, Sampat has aggressively studied the way of thinking of present day youth and effects of software on modern day living. So, this film will be an easy catch and best way to connect with this section of audience. Climax portions dealt like a debate between parents and grown up children showcased the positives and negatives on both the sides. More than a message, it is a hard check on reality on what is happening around us and this is what our society is made up of. The reciprocating love and respect between children and parents is definitely presented on a new aura.

Kudos, to team of Sampat Nandi for offering us ‘Galipatam,’ a new sort of treat for both youth and their parents. The discussion flied to new highs coming out with a colorful result.    

Cinejosh Verdict of Galipatam: New Thought and Novel Execution

                                                                    Cinejosh Rating: 4

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