Gaalodu Review

Gaalodu Review
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Director: Rajasekhar Reddy Pul
Producer: Rajasekar Reddy Pulicharla
Release Date: Fri 18th Nov 2022
Actors: Sudigali Sudheer
Gaalodu Movie Rating: 1 / 5
Punchline: Gaalodu - Gone With The Wind

Gaalodu Movie : What's Behind

Sudheer Anand aka Sudigali Sudheer earned fame with Jabardasth and shows on small screens. He is quite popular nad familiar among TV audiences. He tried his luck on big screen with a couple of films, Software Sudheer and Wanted Pandugod. This time he has chosen a mass subject for his third film Titled 'Gaalodu'. The film is Directed by Rajasekhar Reddy Pilichara who earlier worked with Sudheer for Software Sudheer film. Gaalodu released in theatres on November 18. Let's see how far this Gaalodu impresses us.

Gaalodu Movie : Story Review

Rajinikanth (Sudigali Sudheer) is in a central jail convicted for murder. Cut to the flashback... He is a good for nothing guy roaming in his village. While gambling, he beats the local leader's son. When Raja came to know that he was dead because of his beating, he escapes from police and reaches Hyderabad. He meets Shukla (Gehana Sippy) and saves her in an incident. She appoints him as a driver in her house. Both fall for each other and everything is going well with duets, Police arrest Rajinikanth on murder charges. To know about what happens next must be watched on the big screen only.

Gaalodu Movie : Artists, Technicians Review 

Rajasekhar Reddy Pulicharla came up with an age old story treated with much older narration. The entire film seems amateurish and offers nothing to sit through it. The first half begins in a prison with unwanted buildup scenes for Sudheer. The same continues when the story shifts to the flashback. The characterisation of hero which was supposed to be a tapori is poorly written not even on the standards of a low budgeted YouTube shortfilm. Hero teasing heroine, comedy scenes, songs placement... everything makes it a perfect bad film. 

The interval bang (?) left the audience banging their heads in the beginning of second half for such insipid writing.  The second half is about Raja trying to push away Shloka as he is wanted by the police. But, Shloka sincerely loves Raja and he too accepts her love. All these were portrayed in the most possible silly scenes. After knowing that her daughter is in love with a driver, Heroines'a father tries to lure him into a conspiracy so that he will be showed as a cheater before his daughter. Finally police arrest Raja and submits him in court. Finally all ends well with another 'everything fall in place' court scene we have already seen a million times. The film further prolonged with a pathos song, may be the director wanted the audience to join as chorus as their situation is far worse by then. 

Sudigali Sudheer is a mismatch for the Gaalodu role. However, Sudheer impresses with energetic dances in songa. But, his hair style and body language doesn't suit him. He needs to improve a lot when it comes to expressions and timing. Heroine Gehana Sippy is okay and emoted well. Sapthagiri and Shakalaka Shankar tried hard to evoke laughs but failed due to lackluster writing. The music from Bheems is forgettable. Dialogues are pathetic while trying to rhyme every word, for ex : 

Appu sampadana kaadu

Vaapu balam kaadu

Rape magatanam kaadu... This is only a sample.

Gaalodu Movie : Advantages 

  • Sudheer Energetic Dances
  • Heroine Gehana Sippy Glamour Song In Second Half

Gaalodu Movie : Disadvantages

  • Poor story
  • Outdated Narration
  • Amateurish Direction
  • Poor Production Values

Gaalodu Movie : Analysis Review

Altogether, Gaalodu is neither entertaining not passable. It isn't even bearable for its outdated writing and narrative style. Director Rajasekhar Reddy tried to make a full-on mass film with Sudigali Sudheer. But, he failed to have a proper script with an interesting story with impactful scenes. Due to lack of these, Gaalodu became Gandaragolodu and failed in each and every department resulting a forgettable film for both Hero and Director. Bearing all these aspects, CineJosh is going with a 1 rating for Gaalodu.

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