Gaali Sampath Review

Gaali Sampath Review
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Director: Aneesh
Producer: Shine Screens
Release Date: Thu 11th Mar 2021
Actors: Rajendra Prasad
Gaali Sampath Rating: 2.75 / 5
Gaali Sampath Punchline: Just Wow... Rajendra Prasad

Gaali Sampath Review, What’s Behind? 

Blockbuster director Anil Ravipudi provided screenplay and dialogues for Gaali Sampath, besides direction supervision. Talented actor Sree Vishnu and veteran versatile actor Rajendra Prasad played lead roles in the film directed by Aneesh. The film releases today on Shiva Ratri eve with good expectations after the promising trailer.

Gaali Sampath Story Review:

Gaali Sampath (Rajendra Prasad), a mute is passionate about acting. His son (Sree Vishnu) is a truck driver who dreams to buy his own vehicle. The irresponsible father brings troubles to his very responsible son every time. Meanwhile, Vishnu falls in love with (Lovely Singh) but his father becomes an obstacle for their marriage. Vexed with his father’s behavior, Sree Vishnu gives a strong warning. Gaali Sampath goes missing after that incident. How and when this father and son meet again forms crux of the story.

Gaali Sampath Artists, Technicians Review: 

S Krishna, producer of the film has also penned thin story that has enough drama in father and son bonding along with a love story. Anil Ravipudi further developed the story including a few of his trademark hilarious elements. Although the film has comedy and drama in right proportions, unnecessary episodes and a love track turned spoilsport in first half. However, second half is thoroughly engaging. Though drama dominated comedy in second half, Rajendra Prasad mesmerizes us with stellar performance. Aneesh handled the subject efficiently; particularly second half which is not an easy task. Danger with this subject is even a small mistake can make crucial portions go silly in execution. 

Sai Sriram’s camera work is adorable as he showcased the beauty of Aruku exquisitely. Achu Rajamani is hero behind the screen. While couple of songs is cool and hummable, his background score is remarkable. Editor Tammiraju took a decent cut except futile romance in first half. Production values of Image Spark Entertainment and Shine Screens are too good.

Onto artists, Rajendra Prasad comes up with a performance that is beyond awards. Though he played innumerable characters in decades of lengthy career, Gaali Sampath will remain one of his best. He stole the show effortlessly and went unbelievable in second half as tears roll down from our eyes. It’s a tailor-made role for Rajendra Prasad and we can’t imagine any other actor in this role. Sree Vishnu is good as Rajendra Prasad’s son. He acted well in emotional sequences. The father-son emotion worked in favor of the film. Lovely Singh played a bubbly girl. Satya as a translator to Rajendra Prasad is one big fun asset with superb timing. Raghu Babu is cool. Srikanth Iyyengar and Anish Kuruvilla’s episodes are sidesplitting though they are outmoded. Srinivas Reddy too bought few laughs in brief role. Others played their parts.

Gaali Sampath Review Advantages: 

Rajendra Prasad

Second Half


Father-Son Chemistry

Gaali Sampath Review Drawbacks: 

First Half


Love Track

Gaali Sampath Review Rating Analysis:

Father-son bonding is a salable emotion in Telugu cinema. While most of the films we saw in past where father scolds his son for being irresponsible, it’s the reverse in Gaali Sampath. An irresponsible father brings headaches to his responsible son who fails to judge his father. When an actor like Rajendra Prasad is challenged, he shows you every shade of an artist. Although the story has shades of 127, Trapped etc. yet appeared unique for Telugu audience.

The film begins on entertaining note with few drama artists chasing Rajendra Prasad and Satya. Rajendra Praasd’s passion for acting is then well elaborated. His speaking disability becomes a hurdle. Acting is not just a passion and there’s a valid reason behind is given. Sree Vishnu’s love track with Lovely Singh is forcible and outdated. Rajendra Prasad’s mono acting on stage is best part in first half. A heated argument followed by Rajendra Prasad falling in a pit gives a twist in interval.

Though second half is predictable, drama and acting prowess of Rajendra Prasad lifted the screenplay and continuously engages us despite there were dull moments here and there. The latter half is all about Rajendra Prasad’s struggles to survive and save his son from a severe condition. Climax portion of how Rajendra Prasad saved his life has some connection to Shiva Ratri festivity, a decent coincidence. 

On paper, the narration sounds trivial. Aneesh and Anil Ravipudi together created a magic. Don’t mind, flashback episode is again an obsolete idea. Srikanth Iyyengar and Anish Kuruvilla’s episodes then bought relief in the emotional drama. The film ends on funny and happy note.

On the whole, Gaali Sampath is a feel good entertainer with mesmerizingly affectionate thread in between father and son. This is definitely not a regular film. Having said about share of drawbacks, we will still enjoy the sentimental emotion and drama centered on Rajendra Prasad. Technical team also did a commendable job. CJ goes with 2.75 star rating and the film will surely attract family audience, if promoted in right path.


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